It may surprise you to know that I am one of those dinosaurs who still gets up, goes outside, picks up the morning paper, and actually reads it at breakfast (I know...CRAZY!)

I also set my beloved Blackberry next to me, the flavor of the moment is Pandora radios The Style Council Channel. (Seriously, is there anything better than The Style Council? Am I showing my age here? I could just hot-wire that to my brain and have it playing all. day. long.)

This morning, The Little Man came into the dining room...

Little Man: "Mommy, what are you listening to?"

Me: "The Style Council on Mommies phone."

Little Man: "What song are you listening to?"

Me: "Your the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me." (Which I just LOVE)

Little Man: (*and I'm not making this up* reaching his chubby little hand up to my cheek to pinch it as he says...) "Mommy, you're the best thing that ever happened to me:)" (then he hugged me)

Me: *MELT*


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