Just a Little Whine

Alright, I have been meaning to set it out there...Quick back story, you know my Halloween party, well the biggest reason I go is to hear this awesome band. Typically, I have gone with Sissy (which works out well, she knows the deal). The deal is...pace yourself, the band doesn't go on until 2am:O

This year, Sissy bailed on me at the last minute:( I hit that in stride, called up some running pals who always go, and went with them. Problem...they started partying at 7pm! (yes, they are single pals) Needless to say, nobody made it to my awesome band, and since it is not a good idea to be alone at a party at 2am...I missed my band:(

Not to worry mouse, the band has a gig at a club downtown Nov. 21. Sissy gives me the no go:( The Bro gives me the respectable maybe:( Buddy Steve gives me the I'll go if The Bro goes:( WTF!?! Why can't I get anyone to go out with me? Where are my Chicago bloggers? Can't we make this a Bloggers night out? Pardon me while I whine...I just want to see my band...

I had prepared to whine and be done with it...Then came dinner...

Me: "Miss Peach, wasn't it nice of The Little Man to let you play with his golf clubs?"

Miss Peach: (very thoughtfully) "Yes, maybe The Little Man isn't mean after all..."

Me: "Your brother isn't mean...he loves you very much. The first thing he said when he woke up from his nap was...Let's go pick up Miss Peach from school."

Little Man: "I missed you."

He missed his sister...aren't they just the sweetest things...now what was I saying???


  1. I'd go, but I'm too old for that stuff. Hmmm want my step son's name and number he's a party in a box and comes with friends.

  2. Seeing the way my kids love each other is one of the most gratifying things about parenting.

    I'll be out of town on 11/21 so I can't help you out, though a girl in maternity jeans is always tons of fun when you want to go see a band!

  3. He's so sweet! When he's old enough, he might just be nice enough to take his mom to see her favourite band :)

  4. I would so be there if I lived in or around Chicago. Good luck

  5. Bands? Clubs? 2am? That was a younger me...I can't do 2am because my lovelies get up at 6am...but more power to you, they must be an awesome band!

  6. I see 2am once a year at the Halloween party:O

  7. That is so incredibly sweet.

    And I'd totally go with you!

  8. Ok. I am looking at my calendar and if you'll give me a couch to crash on (cuz I don't drink and drive and I MUST drink at a bar with a band) I'll go with you. Plus, I can wear some sparkly earring to show Miss Peach.

    Mull it over. Let me know. :)

  9. Awwww.

    2 AM? What is that? Oh, yeah, time for writing in pajamas.

  10. I can forget the 1,200 times my two hit each other when I see a rare hug.


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