Miss Peach had her open house today for preschool...

This was gonna be a post about how I had to smooth talk her out of the Snow White, Fairy, Princess costume... which she feels is appropriate for all occasions.

Finally...after much coercing, Miss Peach and I compromised on... street clothes with Princess accessories...and all was right with the world:)

This was gonna be a post about meeting her teacher, and seeing her classroom, and meeting the other kiddos in her preschool class...

All of us kiddos and parents listened as her new teacher addressed us, and handed out the packet to help us on our transition to preschool.

I welled up with tears when the teacher discussed dealing with separation anxiety...and said "this isn't about your kiddos...they are ready. The separation anxiety information is for you..."

'Cause right then and there it hit me...While I had been saying all along that Miss Peach was so ready for preschool...I am not:( I will deal with it, and be happy for her, and encourage her...but the fact of the matter is, I'm gonna miss my baby girl *sniff, sniff*

It would have been all well and good to end my post dealing with my sweet little Pixie getting ready for her first day of preschool...then. I. saw. it...

The daily schedule...

I had signed on for what I thought was 8:30-12:30 five days a week.

Well...they changed that. Turns's now a full day program!

Wait...what?!?'s a six hour a day, five days a week preschool program!

Holy, how the H*ll am I going to deal with that, Batman?!? I'm so not ready:(

Don't get me wrong...I'm an extremely rational person. I am totally going to play this by ear and see how it works for Miss Peach. If she enjoys having a full day program, I'm gonna suck it up and be happy we found it.

I'm hoping that perhaps I can pick her up after lunch and before nap time (closer to 12:30) I do know there are earlier drop offs, and later pick up times for parents who perhaps, I can work out an earlier pick up time if that's what is needed...

I'm freaking out here... *deep breathes* just need a little hand holding:O


  1. How about we meet for cocktails and you won't have any concerns. No worry I will be the DD.


  2. I love the outfit compromise. :) And I don't blame you for being surprised by the half day/whole day switch, that's a big difference. The preschool should be completely willing to work with whatever works best for you and Miss Peach. Play it by ear, trust your gut (you have excellent judgment), and keep us posted. ~Susan

  3. Holy crap. I'm still reeling from the announcement that kindergarten may be a mandatory full day in OH, and that's just a MAYBE a YEAR AWAY. For my four and a half year old, who's already had a year of preschool, and will have another one under his belt before that happens. I know you'll be able to do what's right for you all.

  4. I bet the preschool will let you pick her up whenever you want to. A full day is a long time for a preschooler. Are they going to have naptime??

  5. Like you said, see how it goes and if the full day is too much then pick her up early. That's a long day for a preschooler. Expect her to be tired in those first few weeks - the start of a new school year/routine is exhausting for everyone. Hang in there - and you'll know what is right!

  6. LOL a girl cannot leave home with out her tiera too cute!!

  7. Dude! Where are you sending your kid that they all the sudden changed the schedule on you? Not to be alarmist or anything, but that's generally not cool. They need to get that shit figured out yo!

    p.s. She'll do great and so will you. Deep breaths, fun times with the little one, great stories of her adventures during the day. It's all good. I promise!

  8. Deep breaths! My little one (oldest) starts tomorrow morning, and we have been doing a lot of talking and discussing, and this morning I reminded him that tomorrow would be the big day and he responded with excitement and reminded me who his teacher was and all the fun things that he saw at school. Then tonight I got, Mom I don't want to go to school as I tucked him into bed. : (

    I taught preschool in my former, not yet a Mom life, and I remember telling Moms that I wanted the children to be happy and that I would take good care of their babies and never once did I know nor understand the gravity of leaving our sweet little ones in the care of a complete stranger.

    They will however be fine, and I always keep in mind how I would tell parents that they had one of three personalities in their little ones...
    -the one who comes without problem and then a short while (could be a day or two weeks) into the new routine decides the permanance is just not cool and after a while calms...
    -the one who starts out beside themself and rips Moms heart out, but is ready and then eventually calms
    -they never have a problem at all (hoping for this one personally)

    Good luck and I am holding your hand from a distance, all the way out here in TX. She will do fine, whether she is type 1, 2, or 3 and so will you Mom! You can do this! Now to find out which one our little ones happen to be...

    Sorry that kind of turned into a small novel, lol

  9. Now that is a big change. definately give it a shot. You might really enjoy some one on one time with the little man, and miss peach might just blossom out on her own. :)

  10. Remember when you boarded the bus to go to school the first time?
    You attended the class and I believe you enjoyed it.
    You also came home on the bus.
    You were ready for school and I let you go since I figured if you wanted, it was time...all that in spite of the fact you were a year away from attending kindergarten. I saw you get on the bus and I called the school to let them know there were be one more in class that day, a four year old who did not attend kindergarten.
    Think about that day, were you ready?
    Miss Peach will probbably not worry about you getting her at noon.
    And it will be a great experience for Little Man to be home with mommy and not have Miss Peach around every school day. This is for him more than Miss Peach. Remember that too.

  11. WOW! Full days when you were expecting just the morning. I don't know how I'll deal with it but I know my day will come soon too.

  12. Karys starts on Sept 21st and it's going to break my heart. I know I'm going to cry. But she is so excited. I can totally relate.

  13. It gets easier. Believe me! It's like being shocked. Initally you're like WTF but afterwards you are kinda numb. :o)

  14. After the week I've had, I'm sooo ready for preschool (Alexa's only 6 months old, haha). I wonder how I'll really feel when the time rolls around.

  15. It really is a double edges sword. Having that time to yourself is great, but at the same rate, it's hard having them gone and seeing them let go more and more.

    Deep breaths. I know it will get easier.

    I'll be in the same boat as you in 2 weeks when Babisodes starts preschool.

  16. I guarantee that in a week, you are going to be so giddy with all your new free time, that this will be something you laugh about...I don't know about you, but I am CERTAIN that my daughter's preschool is way more fun than being home with me, so I know she's having a blast. Ours in only 3 hours per day, but I would love for it to be 4 or 5.

  17. In our town they have a pre-k program that is pretty much a lottery type thing. If you sign up (and attend) at 3yrs you are automatically accepted for 4yrs. So we signed up my son at 3 for 2 half days a week.

    When the next year came there were choices. 3 half days, 4 half days, 5 half days or 5 full days. Again, while we were guaranteed a spot overall, it was kind of a lottery on the days. Our first choice was 5 half days, kind of a lead in to full day kindergarten the next year.

    We ended up with 5 full days. I was worried.

    He freaking loved it. Getting to eat lunch in school like the "big" kids was the best thing ever. There was more time to paint and yada yada yada.

    The kid, he didn't even miss me because he had too much fun. (This is my SHY kid!)

    She'll be fine, I'm sure. Good luck to you!

  18. The outfit compromise is brilliant!
    I WISH I had a full time option for Monkey.. or even 1/2 days 5 days a week *sigh* :-)

    It's Okay, Momma. I'll hold your hand xoxo

  19. FULL day?!? Woah. I've never heard of such a thing! Breeeathe! Breeeathe! ;-)

  20. That sounds more like a daycare center than a preschool... Definitely play it by ear. Unfortunately, in Chicago, your preschool options aren't easy to come by, are they?

    She'll be fine. You will too.

  21. I am a teacher so ...

    I feel ok saying this. It is just preschool. Take her out for a "family obligation" when you need some extra time with her. Just make sure to get the assignments to go which will amount to lots of coloring if it is anything like my kids preschool days. You don't have to tell the school what the family obligation is... more mommy time!!!

    She is adorable!! I don't blame you for wanting to hog as much time as possible with her before she grows up.

    My biggest parent/teacher tip... have her read to you every night. The library has beginner readers that she can start right now. I am a math teacher, but taught both my boys how to read with the library books.

  22. I'm sure you can pick her up when you want. You will just likely have to pay for the full day. Hang in there. :)

  23. LOVE the outfit! Both of them! ;)

    And how exactly do they just change it to a full day program w/o notifying you??? I'm assuming the cost went up significantly too? Ugh.

  24. Oh, you need to find something to keep you busy, pronto! I know you are busy, but you need something that will keep you distracted, that will break the routine, so you don't miss her all the time that she isn't there. I went through that, and if you go through the day the same way you are used to it will feel MUCH longer.

    Yoga class, anyone? Deep breathing REALLY helps ;-)

  25. I hope it went okay! I can't even think about leaving my baby somewhere yet. Let alone for a full day! Give me the shakes, it does.

  26. I'm handing you a tissue. I'm patting your back and saying "there, there" and I'm telling you that you'll get through this - but probably not without a few teary moments! Hope your baby enjoys her new routine and that you cope ok with it!

  27. It does get easier. And, this will actually help you in the long run for kinder and 1st grade. Miss Peach will already used to a full day program. {hugs}

  28. Wow. That's a lot for 4 years old. Wait, that propably doesn't help. Forget I said it.

    We are right there with you. I don't think it gets easier. At least not for me.

  29. wow! That's a lot! My daughter at 5 went to 3 hours a day kindergarten. I would definitely check out your options if she starts to easily melt down after a few weeks.

    Love the outfit. I promise you, this will be the year she out grows those dress ups. Promise.

  30. wow - that is a long day for preschool (how old is little Miss Peach) - I was a mess when my daughter started all day Kind. this year - she is fine and like Miss Peach kept telling me she wanted to stay all day when I said I would change her to half day (aren't we pathetic) but I still miss her like mad!


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