Best Mom in the World

OK...remember when I left you hanging with the lame "that's a whole 'nother story" in my last post? Well...if you want to hear it is...

Does your kiddo have a snuggie, or a stuffy? Miss Peach does. Mrs. Elephant is the first string, and Tinky Elephant is the second. Daddy took Miss Peach, and The Little Man to Michigan to visit Grandma for the day. You guessed it...she HAD to bring both Mrs E. and Tinky.

The. Last. Thing. I said to Husband was "be sure you bring home the Elephants".

I am assuming that is why they came home WITHOUT them!:O

So let's get this picture into focus for you. I have to tell my daughter, who is getting up in the morning to go to preschool, for the first time, for the full day...that she can't bring her elephants with her because they were left in Michigan. Yeah, that should go over well...NOT! (Did I mention she has NEVER spent the night without them...since she was born?)

I talked her off the ceiling (and that took some talking).

Basically, the only way the world was going to keep turning, was if I drove 2 hours out to Michigan to pick up her team, and then drove 2 hours back to pick her up from preschool with the elephants in tow.

That is what The Little Man and I did. All I have to say is...The Little Man is a trooper.

Really, all I had to do was bribe him with McDonald's...but he's still a trooper;P

Miss Peach bravely went to preschool without the elephants...they met her at the end of the day...and all was right with the world:)

(Oh...and I get major Mom points for that one...either that, or I need my head examined!)


  1. Whew, glad you got her those elephants.

    I bribe my kids with McDonalds sometimes. I'm not going to lie..

  2. OH what a MOM you are for sure!! Talk about your brownie points.. Dad owes YOU big time for leaving without them! YOU Rock!!

  3. You definitely get points for this! And the little man too...2hours one way is looong.

  4. I would have done the exact same thing. My daughter had an elephant blanket (soft blanket with an elephant head on it...we called it Elephant blankie because we are original like that) and she slept with it until she was almost 4. It went to preschool with her for almost 2 years!

  5. It might not be healthy, but I could probably get my kids to do just about anything for McDonalds! They don't have anything that they are really attached to now, but when my daughter was a toddler it was the pacifier (otherwise known as pappy). She would only take one certain kind, and if she lost it, it didn't matter if it was 2 am, we were making a trip to Walmart to get another one. Luckily, I usually kept a stash just in case.

  6. Oh hell yes, you get good mom points! And I'm going to guess your husband still hasn't figured out what the big deal is... Am I right?

  7. I think you need your head examined, lol. I would totally think that if she could leave Grandma's without them, then she wasn't all that attached and it was time for a self-imposed lovie separation.
    But I'm mean like that, lol.
    You get kudo's for being a super mom, and your husband owes you a night out with the girls.

  8. You definitely get mom points. If it were me, I probably would have just bought a new elephant.

  9. Dang woman. You are WAY nicer than I am.

    Justin left his lovies in Atlanta at a friend's house. She FedExed them to us.

    Evan left his pandy bear in the van that died recently and was in a repair shop in BFE for a month. I left Pandy there. Apparently, I am not as nice as I used to be...

  10. Okay yes. You ARE the best mom in the world. I have to say I have NO idea what is up with my kids but NONE of my three have ever been attached to ANYTHING - stuffed animal, blanket, NOTHING. Okay my first was into her pacifier so I guess that kinda counts for something. But most kids I know do have these special things of theirs that they are attached to but mine do not. Have I done something wrong? :-) Anyway - at least I don't have to drive hours to go retrieve said special thing. ;-)

    Nice work lady.

  11. I would have done exactly the same thing. Actually, we left's O's favorite dog in a hotel this summer, and made a detour on our way home, stayed an extra night in a hotel to retrieve him.

  12. I think I would of done that too! You are the best mom! :)

  13. What a good mummy you are! I once had a plane held up for me so we could rush back to the hotel room for "Mousie".

    Difference was, Mousie is mine, and I was 28 years old at the time.

  14. OMG!! I totally understand. If you could have, I am sure that you would have sent your husband since he is the one who forgot the animals. HE OWES YOU BIG TIME!!! He must be a work alcoholic like my husband claiming that he could never ever take time off to fix get the animals.

  15. You are a much nicer mom than I would have been. But, yeah, I agree Hubs owes you BIG TIME.

  16. I would have done the same. Death by screaming child would not look good on my obituary:) I want to die peacefully!

    Hugs and Mocha,

  17. You are such a softy! At least with two you will have an alternate - unless you leave them both with Grandma again.

    Have you discussed this with Grandma? Does she need an elephant of her own? (Just joking, of course)


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