Oh LOST...

Alright...I gotta say right off the bat...I'm a leetle disappointed in Jacob. We started off the episode with Jacob and black shirt guy on the island under a HUGE statue, in like, pirate time. Black shirt guy wants to kill Jacob (why, I don't know) but needs to find a "loophole". M'kay? Jacob says "It only ends once...everything else is just progress." Mmmm'kay? Is it just me...or did it seem just a bit to easy for Ben to kill Jacob? Kinda like Obi Wan letting Vader kill him in Star Wars (I am a geek, remember?)

We are all on the same page, right? You all figured out that Fake Locke is actually black shirt guy who found his "loophole"...right? He, for whatever reason can't kill Jacob...so he turned into Locke (why not?) and conned Ben into doing it. I 'bout died when they poured dead Locke out of the box! Gotta say, I am still not sure the "What lies in the shadow of the statue?" folks are good guys. I'm with Lapidus who says "In my experience, the guys who go out of the way to tell you they are the good guys, are the bad guys."

Oh, fwiw...I googled Richard's answer to the "What lies in the shadow of the statue?" question. The chat room consensus seems to be that he answered in Latin...and said something like "He who saves/protects us." Mmmm'kay.

Now then, I have a few questions (only a few? NOT). Whe have two time lines happening simultaneously, 1977 and 2007. So, if Juliet detonates the bomb in 1977...what happens to the timeline in 2007? Could Miles have been right? Is the bomb detonating the event that lead to the creation of the hatch? Could the detonation of the bomb been the event that blew off the statue (now it's just a foot)? Our island clan is dead, right? I read an article in the paper that was talking like the only one who died was Juliet...what? I am assuming the bomb went off, and our little 1977 group went off with it. Yes?

Coming now, to the most disturbing of all...not only do I have to wait 'til January of 2010 for my next LOST fix...but it is the LAST season! What!?! YES...next season is the last season of LOST (excuse me...I'm hyperventilating)...

What will I do? Where will I turn? How will I go on? Thank goodness for season two of True Blood;P Excuse me while I go rock myself in the corner...


  1. I am going to miss that show. Don't talk about it...I'm living in denial right now.

  2. Here are the best two links I've found so far:

    and even better:

    gawd I love this show!! lol

  3. I just finished watching the Grey's Anatomy finale. Let's just say it's been an emotional week. I have NO IDEA what to do until 2010. NONE!

  4. When Juliet went down there, it flashed back for me to when they opened the hatch and found the bones down there... that must have been Juliet...

  5. Setting off the bomb sent Jack and co. to 2007. Er, that's what I think anyway. We won't find out for 9 months.

    I think maybe I'll take up knitting again.

    Had a couple other thoughts here: http://albamaria30.wordpress.com/2009/05/14/lost-day-the-incident/

    Loved the finale. Loved it.


  6. I don't watch Lost. I'm still traumatized over Grey's season finale from last night.

  7. yes. dissapointed, to say the least... And what I don't understand is: 1) how does black shirt guy have memories of Locke's? (and remember back in season one, the little pouches with black and white stones in them? did it have to do with people choosing sides, in the cave?)
    and 2) remember jacob telling Locke everything would be ok, and healing him? Why? Why did he heal him for this? If jacob is so powerful, he had to of seen this coming- right? And if he can heal others- can he heal himself? (and these "rules" seem to be the same rules Ben and Whidmore talked about... Who makes these "rules"?

  8. Can't. Comment. Head. Still. Spinning.

    Breathe. Into. The. Paper. Bag. Along. With. Me.

  9. I didn't watch it yet - my freaking hubby had SOFTBALL that night and I swore I'd wait so we're watching it tonight. I haven't even been on Twitter b/c I don't want to know what happens. Am I dedicated to this marriage OR WHAT? This is worse than waiting for Christmas morning as a kid . . . got my beer and chips ready for tonight and the TV all waiting for me :) Then I'll come back and read the post!!!

  10. Jess, I had totally forgotten about the bone(s) at the bottom of the hatch. Good call, but darn you for making it harder to cling to my hope that Juliet will be alive wherever Kate, Jack, and Sawyer end up.

    I agree it was way too easy to kill Jacob. Maybe, like Obi-Wan, he will become more powerful than black shirt guy can possibly imagine.

    January 2010 seems very far away. But I intend to watch the entire series on DVD before the final season begins. Destiny Found, indeed.

  11. Okay - I think the 1977 group is gone - dead - or just gone - after the bomb.

    Thanks for the translation.

    We (hubby and I) think that the guy in the black shirt that wants to kill Jacob is Essau. Somewhere in the bible it says, "Jacob I have loved and Essau I have hated." Um, yeah. That's what I think.

    I totally knew that was John's body in the box. Totally. but yeah, how did Essau (if that's his name) know all of John's memories?

    I cannot wait until January 2010.

  12. Did Essau know johns memories??? Re-watch, he simply reacts with generic statements...Yo. Hmmm, I better watch again to see if I am right.

  13. I'm not too happy with this LOST business either!

  14. So I'm guessing Jacob and Mr. Black Shirt were either on the Black Rock ship (the wreck in the jungle) OR the ship they were looking at in the beginning is the Black Rock. Who is Mr. Black Shirt??!!!! Making me nutso! Way too easy for Ben to kill him. I've been wondering why Locke has been talking so funny this season--now we know why. .. weird. Can't wait!

  15. Fwiw, I think Black Shirt Guy totally knew Locke's memories...He totally knew Ben Linus killed him. How would Black Shirt Guy know that?

  16. My head hurts contemplating what "Lost" really means! But I still love it and will miss it desperately until January.

  17. I have even longer to wait, I'm in the UK! Do you know about a cm is missing off the left hand side of your blog, I cant see the first words of most sentences? x


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