Perhaps, Dead is Dead? (LOST Post)

I gotta tell you...and I HATE admitting this...but LOST has really been disappointing this season. Don't you think? I know some of you have commented on enjoying the "slow perk" of the show this year. I am just not feeling it:P

I had another play date with new BFF girl today. Yes, she is a LOST watcher. She and I were discussing it. I think (and she agrees) that it seems the writers had this allotted amount of time to tell the story. Then, ABC found they had a hit on their hands, and extended the life of the show. This season, or at least the last few episodes has seemed like filler.

I do completely acknowledge that I watched last night at feel free to point out if I missed anything important from the show. The whole episode just left me thinking "yeah, and..." About all I can say is "thank the stars above that I got a tiny piece of Desmond" and he kicked Benjamin Linus' a$$...woot woot!

I just can't get into the new Dharma people. Even less than that, I can't muster up one ounce of interest in the new survivors of the second plane! Whatever:P It's starting to feel like Melrose Place after everyone had slept with everyone...What is Benjamin Linus going to do...kill John Locke again?

So bring it on...what do you think? Has this season delivered for you? I am so not strong enough to quit you LOST...but bring on some meat already!


  1. What?!?

    Lost has been completely AWESOME this whole season!! I know its a little out there, but I think it is supposed to be.

    But I understand, because I stopped watching Grey's Anatomy because they brought a ghost back.
    I can't get enough of Lost though!

  2. I totally agree - I think this year is a filler!! Not likely at all in the original line of shows

  3. I think you need to rewatch the episode. There was a LOT to it!

  4. You know how much I heart LOST and I chose not to watch it this week to spend time with the husband(yeah, weird, right??!!). We haven't even gotten around to it yet. This season is not rocking.

  5. I gave you an award on my blog!

  6. I won't retype the whole email I just sent you here, but I am in the Lost-is-rocking-this-season camp. I do think that if you've been in for a long time, and especially if you didn't leave after Season 3, you've got to see it through. I wouldn't worry too much about all those "new" characters. All they are for is to get our original characters where they are supposed to be.



  7. I'm still enjoying it... but I need MORE Desmond, MORE Sayid, not locked in a cell, and bring back some sexual tension between Jack/Kate/Sawyer. And maybe Juliette could die in the process.

  8. I'm with the majority here—I think this has been a GREAT season for "Lost." Lots revealed, lots still obscured, lots to ponder. I blog about it every Thursday so I can try to figure it out. My family loves our Wednesday night "Lost" TV date!

  9. I can't stop watching it but at the same time it is leaving me with more questions than answers which irritates the crap out of me.


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