I've LOST That Lovin' Feeling

Well blah de friggin' blah! LOST gave us NOTHING! Was it me, or did they run more commercials than content? Will some company pah-lease buy the show up and do an hour role through? C'mon Apple, I'm typing this on my Mac Book Pro. I'll go out and buy an Air, or the new Shuffle, or an Iphone...whatever. If you make LOST run commercial free, I'll even buy a new Mac Book Pro! Who's with me!?!

I got nothing this week:P I'm loving Sawyer in charge! Way to smack down Jack in the Sawyer Juliet love shack...loved it! I refuse to believe that Sawyer turns on Sayid next week. Not. Going. To. Believe. It. You just know the sh*t is gonna hit the fan with Juliet and Kate...CATFIGHT! Holy whacked on the side of the head Sun...well done! I totally got a chuckle when youth Ben said his name to Sayid (cue creepy music) Other than that, I got nothing:P

As usual, we are hanging 'til next week:(
A lot of folks have been asking about the Illustration Site. So far, the college dude is in the wind (way to bum me out) They were on spring break last week. I did send a follow up email on Monday morning. I just don't get how someone can be so gung ho about a project one moment, and in the wind the next? I just don't get it? Rest assured, I don't give up so easily (think dog chewing on a bone) There are many art schools in The Big City (and I have attended them all) Tom. I am calling my other alma mader...Keep your fingers crossed xxx...

On the design front...I have been buried in new projects. Which is excellent on the one hand. It does however put adding new work to the stock site on the back burner (I'll get there) I swear to you...I finished The. Best. Header. I've. Ever. Done! I'll show it to you all tom. I want the client to see it first. Every once in a while, I have a moment where I think "I actually CAN draw" It's rare, but it happened with this one...More tom:)


  1. I knew it was Ben as soon as he walked in and said hi to the guard. Other than that last night was boring!

  2. You could try posting in the college job guide things. Most colleges have placement offices and you could post the "position" of contributor and see what happens. Just a thought.

    And, yeah, I'm pissed about Lost. I could have just read the Plurk thread and been just fine with what happened. Booooring.

  3. I actually did watch Lost last night on it's regular night rather than reyling on the DVR. And I regretted it. I was disappointed in the episode, though next week with Juliet and Kate looks intense! I'm ready for a catfight!

  4. Yeah, Lost wasn't much fun. I, too, am looking forward to the Juliet/Kate catfight (Kate would soooo kick Juliet's a$$). And didn't that kid look just like Ben? I was wondering that: if Ben grew up on the island, won't he encounter his younger self now that he's back? It's all very confusing to me...

    Can't wait to see the header you finished! Hope you get working on the new site soon!

  5. I'm surprised no one liked Lost! I did. I am enjoying the slow burn of this season, and getting much more into the characters than the mysteries.

    Clearly, I'm in the minority! :)

    Although, I agree with the commericals. It's the fastest hour of my week, and the commercials drive me batty. I could watch it online, but I like my Wednesday night date.

    My own theories are here: http://albamaria30.wordpress.com/2009/03/19/lost-day-namaste/


    Oh, and I've no good advice about the project. I wish you much luck, though!


  6. You can draw! Your illustrations are awesome!!

  7. RPM: I totally agree with you . . . I loved "Lost" last night and have enjoyed every episode so far this season. The hour did fly by, wrapping up some loose ends and loosening others, as always. I'll check out your theories; I blogged my thoughts today, too.

  8. I don't watch Lost so sorry but really I thought MINE was the best header you have ever done!?! What gives???? I refuse to settle....


  9. lost - is ticking me off - but I'm still watching


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