We're Not Going to Guam, Are We?

Holy awesome episode of LOST! If you haven't seen it...run, don't walk to watch it...I'll wait. *tapping my fingers*

Seen it? M'kay. First, I got a question...Did Desmond know Faraday's mother? He said that she burned four years of his life by telling him he had to go to the island. I was not aware that Desmond knew Faraday's Mom. What's the story there? Is it just something I missed?

What the heck happened to Ben? Obviously, someone beat the sh*t out of him, who, and why? Wouldn't that be the first thing Jack would have asked when he showed up? Why is your face all messed up? Seems to me someone would ask:P

Alright, so best line of the night...Obviously, Frank (the guy who should have been flying the plane the first time) had no idea things were lining up. Loved when he said "we're not going to Guam, are we?" Now then, is he dead with the plane? The Oceanic pilot died with the plane, was that Frank's destiny?

Next week, they are giving us Locke answers, or so they say...Locke's note to Jack "you should have listened to me" was that just because since he didn't, Locke had to hang himself? Should I be analyzing that note more, 'cause that's how it seemed to me.

Why would they want Desmond on the plane? If they were re-enacting the flight, Desmond wasn't on the flight...why would white haired woman want him? She said the island wasn't through with him. I'm thinking his boat is ending up on the island soon...

Who was the woman with Sayid? I don't remember...Sayid wasn't with anyone in the beginning...was he? She ends up on the island...why? Speaking of new people, who was the other guy on the plane who spoke to Jack? Is he another new character? Why add them now?

Alright, so it was a great episode, and I got nothing:P What have you got? What did I miss???


  1. Okay, here's my two cents for you...

    Desmond met Mrs. Hawking last season during "The Constant" when Desmond was having the bloody nose and delirium on the freighter. Remember now?

    I think that all of the characters have more stories to be told from when they were in LA. Ben getting beat up, Sayid getting arrested, Hurley playing guitar? :) Plus where's Aaron, what did Sun do, and maybe even some more Lapidus (Sp?)

    I wonder why NO ONE asked Ben what happened to him.

    Either Frank is still flying the plane - which I doubt, or he was flashed to the island - more likely. I like his character, so I hope they keep him on the show.

    I thought Locke's note read "I wish you would have believed" or something like that. Now I need to re-watch it online tomorrow.

    I think you are right about Desmond, afterall that is how he arrived on the island originally.

    I think Sayid is wearing handcuffs - more story there, for sure.

    Extra characters, are probably Others.

    You didn't even mention Jin in the Dharma uniform. Sheesh. :)

  2. What as there to mention...they ended there?!?

  3. Where is Aaron?????

    Des met Mrs Hawking in the pawn shop, she told him then that he belonged on the island.

    How did they get Hurley to come?

  4. I have all those questions... and more! Gah this show is crazy! We definitely will get more info for how Hurley and Sayid came to be on the plane, so hopefully we'll know about that chick with Sayid. And everything else, of course :)

  5. I want to know what they did with Sun's baby girl and Aaron. Why would she leave her daughter for find her husband she isn't sure is alive? I have a lot of the same questions though I am so thankful that this episode didn't have all those flashes in them. I needed a break from them ;) I think they named this show Lost because of the flight going down but now I think it is named that because anyone who watches it is completely LOST!

  6. In one of the flashbacks with Desmond he went to a jewelry shop to buy an engagement ring for Penny and the woman behind the counter wouldn't sell him the ring and said some weird stuff to him about the island. That was Faraday's mom.

    I think either Ben went to see Widmore and got the crap beat out of him or maybe he went to convince Sayid or Hurley to come on the plane and it happened then. Remember, Hurley was in jail at this time so maybe he had to break Hurley out of prison.

    The people on the plane were supposed to recreate the flight that crashed as best as possible to help make it to the island. So, that is why Hurley is carrying a guitar case (Charlie had a guitar on the original flight) and Sayid is in handcuffs with a federal agent (Kate was under arrest on the original flight). And I'm not sure about the other random guy on the flight but I'm sure he'll come into play.

    I'm just interested in where Aaron is (maybe with Claire's mom?) and why didn't Sun take her daughter with her? And I think you're right, Desmond's boat will end up on the island eventually!

  7. Frank's line was awesome! "We're not going to Guam, are we?" Reminds me of the classic:

    "Something tells me we're not in Kansas anymore, Toto"!

  8. Desmond met Miss Hawking in Flash Before Your Eyes, a season three episode. This is the episode, along with The Constant, that laid out what is really happening re: time travel.

    Sun's baby is still in Korea, where Sun said that she would be bringing home a playmate for her soon, presumably Aaron.

  9. Oh my gosh, all these questions and more. we seriously need a support group...or at least a live blog during the show. I was shocked to see Jin in a Dharma uniform. What's up with that. And Charlotte died last week? How did I miss that?!!!

    Who was that that spoke to Jack in the line at the airport and offered him condolences? Did Jack recognize him? And where IS Aaron?

    I'm seriously going to have to rewatch this stuff, with those little hints they run at the bottom.

    On a side note, we were under tornado WARNINGS last night and the newscasters said 'we are going to show Lost in it's entirity, but if there is a tornado on the ground, we do think that's important since it could be life threatening.' There are some SERIOUS Lost watchers out there.

  10. It was a great episode. I'm glad they're back on the island. I remember Desmond met Mrs. Hawking before I just don't know when.

  11. I am RIDICULOUSLY pissed off that I still haven't watched it. You can't even imagine.

  12. Ben told Jack he "promised an old firend" to do something. He is referring to when he went to talk with Widmore. Ben "promised" to kill Widmore's daughter, Penny, because Widmore "changed the rules" and killed Alex. When Ben got there, either Desmond was there and caught him or Widmore sent a body guard and beat Ben up.

  13. I think the comments summed up almost everything I was going to add. I think everyone was recreating the original plane crash but all jumbled up (now Sayid is in custody, Kate is drunk (maybe), Hurley has the guitar). I was shocked at how all of a sudden Jack becomes the "shepherd" to all the others and is all "okey-dokey". It was a great episode, but I am afraid that we'll have a plane-load of new characters to kill off (I mean "get to know") as the season progresses. Not excited about that. I was shocked they "got back" so soon.
    I heart Lapidus for what he said. It was awesome!

  14. I've got nothing, too. I'm completely LOST...

    To think that I felt confused the first season, now I'm looking back and thinking 'why can't everything just be cut and dry like before?'

    Also, why on earth does Jack think Locke should be wearing his father's shoes? And do you think that the island can move to a time when the other LOSTIES are still alive? Like before Charlie died? Or Boone? Or Arzt? :P

  15. I thought the funniest line was when Ben was reading and Jack asked him how he could do that and he said...

    My Mom taught me! LOL!

    I kept yelling at the TV...Ask Ben why his face and is beat up AND read the freakin letter already!

    I would also like to know why Sun didn't bring her baby. I assumed that Aaron was returned to his Grandmother.

    LOVE to hate this show!

  16. This episode was very fun - almost a straight narrative beginning to end. And, that amazing line "We're not going to Guam, are we?" Frank is tha bomb!

    To some commentors:

    Hurley wasn't in jail anymore. Remember, Ben's lawyer (who is also Claire's Mom's lawyer) met with Ben and explained that they got Hurley's charges dropped somehow.

    Jack put his dad's shoes on Locke because Faraday's Mom told him to give John Locke something of his father's.

    My work here is done,

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  18. I thought I saw another person in the room when Locke is preparing to hang himself in next week's preview at the end of last night's episode...did anyone else see that? I'm thinking Ben....

    The missing Sun and Aaron are bugging me, too. Lost had almost Lost me as a viewer but I am hooked again- still lost, but hooked! LOL

  19. Isnt that lady the one who was in the ring shop when Desmond went to go get the ring for Penny??

    I love LOST omg

  20. I have some many questions, but this episode was awesome! I am commenting so late, so I have nothing to add!

    I hope they keep this up though!!

  21. You can post about Lost all you want...I'm NOT going to get sucked in ;)

  22. If they are supposed to re-create the original flight, Clair was there and she was pregnant. Maybe Kate is preggers after her tryst with Jack?

  23. I think Ben somehow angered Sayid to get beat up by him, thus getting him arrested and ending up on the plane to Guam. I'm not quite sure why you would take a prisoner to Guam. Maybe it was en route to Iraq? Being deported?

    As a mom, I am freaking out about where the kids are too!

  24. About recreating the Oceanic 815 flight, maybe the one carrying a child on this flight is Kate after her tryst with Jack. And to speculate even further, if they land in the 1970s, maybe the baby of Kate and Jack turns out to be Charlotte (Rebecca Mader, the redhead who died last week).

  25. I have nothing for you - but am on pins and needles

  26. wow, after reading all the comment's there's not much left to answer on the questions. Yes, it is Ben in the room when Locke hangs himself. Faraday's mother worked at a store in which Desmond tried to buy Penny an engagement ring, refused to sell it to him and said he had to go to the island and press the button or "every single one of us is dead".

    I do like the whole Kate being pregnant theory and also, that she could turn out to be Charlotte. I'll try to confirm that as plausible after the next episode to see if the mention a date.


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