Bears, Women, and Childbirth

I gotta just start off with "The Bears suck:P" if anyone thought they were going to win today...

Aside from some pretty crappy weather, we had quite a nice little Christmas here at the Warden household:) I took a little break from blogging (I noticed many of you did the same). Good for us, right? It's nice not to spend all of our time with our nose in the computer;)

Last night, Husband and I watched The Women on Video on Demand. Did you all see this movie? I meant to see it in the theater, and just never got around to it...It was an chick flick. There is certainly the obvious..."what the heck has Meg Ryan done to her face?!?" Then there is the..."holy can Jada Pinkett Smith get any hotter!" (Husband disagreed with me on this) Let's not forget the "Candice Bergen rocks in all movies!"

All in all, I kind of enjoyed it. It's your basic, Meg Ryan's character is not really a person until she starts carving out a piece of her life for herself. Her husband starts having an affair with Eva Mendes. Her daughter is finding a better mother in her best friend Anette Benning than with her. Let's not forget that she gets fired by her father:( So she wallows around being pathetic for a while...

Then she peels herself off the floor, goes out and gets a good haircut, begs rich Mom to invest in her business idea, and designs her own label of fabu. clothes. Yeah...if only life were that easy. That said, I do believe a good haircut and a cute pair of boots can get you quite a long way;)
The thing is...I agree with the brood strokes of this plot. Yes, women (wives, mothers, friends) deserve to carve out something that is theirs. Something that makes us feel like we have worth beyond all of the folks we take care of (not taking away from the enormity of that task).

It is kind of shocking to me how much better I feel about myself since I started my blogging adventure. Learning Illustrator, and chugging along with my blog designing has given me an identity beyond being a wife and mother. Right now it is small, but I can't help but feel it's leading somewhere bigger. So...Yay!

I was all wrapped up in this, and loving the last scene of Meg Ryan at her fashion show (which was fabulous) and then Deborah Messings character went into labor...ewww! Can I just say, I hate the way Hollywood portrays child birth? 'Cause I do!

Good Lord! If I was Deborah M's Husband, I think I would have to leave her after that scene:P I don't remember any screaming in the delivery room when I had my two babies? I went in...had the epidural...took a nap...woke up. With Miss Peach, I pushed three times (took 15 min) and that was it. With The Little Man, I pushed once (maybe took 8 min). I wasn't screaming at my Husband "you did this to me!" There was no awful primal grunting, sweating, redfaced horror. Did I just have it easy? That childbirth scene left me in shock. Had I seen it pre children, I would have been scared to death ! Ah well, I suppose it's Hollywoods job to make life a bit more interesting...I guess my experience wouldn't have made much of a movie;)

So...everyone back from their breaks? Great Holidays all around? Lay it on me! Oh...did I mention the Bears suck?!?


  1. I JUST finished watching it. And I agree a great hair cut and fab boots CAN open some doors. Its amazing how developing your identity outside of wife and mother can make you actually better in those areas of your life.

  2. Glad to be a part of it. I agree that since I have my blog, I love having something that is mine. My thing. It just feels good to have something beyond living and doing for other people. A guilty selfish pleasure.
    That said it does sound like you had it easy in the childbirth area. I have had easy and I have had hard, all with epidurals. I never did the banshee screaming and only swore once during 6 births. Hollywood definitely goes way over the top and makes it look like an un-medicated woman is giving birth to a Honda.

  3. Christmas? What Christmas? I was out shoveling snow all week!! lol! :)

  4. I, too, watched The Women this past weekend. It really was a total chick flick.
    As far as labor goes, honey, you had it easy. I pushed my freakin' guts out from 3:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m., and then had a c-section at 4:47 p.m. Brutal, I tell ya.
    With my last I went into the hospital at 6:00 a.m. for a c-section, had a baby daughter at 6:30 a.m. Seemed like a trip to heaven compared to my first born!

  5. oh honey, you TOTALLY had it easy.

    26 hours of labor with a 9 pound 2 1/2 ouncer with the biggest head in creation? 2 hours of pushing and a c-section anyway.

    if screaming would have helped, i would have done it.

    and yeah, the bears totally suck. wonderhubby is in mourning.

  6. The Bears suck? I was completely satisfied with the outcome. Completely.

    Oh, OhCountess was in labor for 3 weeks. Not all at once, but they'd start inducing, they'd stop, they'd start again, then they'd stop. On the final weekend, we started the induction on Friday morning and OhPrincess1 was born Saturday night about 6:30 PM on Saturday.

    My back was killing me standing at her side for 2 days. Oh wait...I didn't say that..shhh.

  7. You had it easy. No screaming here. Just long long long. Then a C-section. Good times.
    I was so glad to see so many people took off for Christmas. It was less to catch up on today.
    Glad you had a good holiday.
    You aren't painting a great picture of the movie. Think I will skip it. I am not much for chick flicks anyway.

  8. Glad you enjoyed some time off from blogging.

    I can't say I took a nap, because there was some heavy work involved in delivery twins, but no screaming, thankfully. All in all, though, I liked The Women. I saw it in the theater, and of course, my husband wouldn't even think about watching it. Total chick flick! Good one, though.

  9. I didn't see the movie so I don't know what the scene looked like but with my first two I didn't have any drugs and I don't ever remember being able to talk I was in so much pain. I do though remember after my first saying to my husband those movie with the screaming women are so wrong it hurt too much for me to use the energy to scream! The third was an epidural and the last was a c-section.

  10. To top it off the Vikings won...that sucks for sure. Never heard of that movie. And no screaming or epidurals for me...just a couple of pushes and done x 3.

  11. Yah...the bears aren't that great! I don't think ANYONE expected them to win today;) Haven't seen that flick yet...I totally dig "chick flicks"! UGH...Meg Ryan is TOTALLY plastic now. It's sad...she over did it!!! I noticed that with the last movie I watched with her...forgot what it was called? Anyway, I think I drove my husband nuts asking him...what's up with her face? She's trying to look younger, but it equals...PLASTIC!

  12. I definitely want to see that movie. There was certainly some screaming in my delivery room. Most of it was due to my husband eating pizza in my face while I was sucking on ice chips for 24 hours.

  13. I want to see that movie as well, but hubs refuses to watch a chick flick! And The Bears - - ohh - hubs has been in a funk since they lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I agree with you on being happier since blogging - for me anyway. It has given me something else besides mopping the floor and wiping noses and changing diapers. And as to childbirth- argh -you were lucky! I didn't make any grunting noises mainly b/c I couldn't feel a damn thing with that epidural - BUT I did push for 3 SOLID hours!!!!!!! No baby - emergency C-Sect - childbirth sucks arse!

  14. Haven't seen it and it didn't really appeal to me, so I probably won't. I had three C-sections and one ready-made toddler (stepdaughter, hee hee), so no screaming or laboring or delivering a honda for me : )

    I like your comments about blogging being a little something something for yourself. I think you have a great eye for design and your illustrations rock.

  15. I was intrigued by that one, so I'll have to see it soon.

    As for the snow and such, gotta be honest don't miss that at all. Chicago free for almost two years now.

    We had a wonderful Christmas and the highs were in the 60's most of the time, gotta admit that's a little weird.

    And as for the labor, mine were easy too, the first was a 9 lb 2 oz with a head size off the charts (still is) and my second was 6 lb 4 1/2 oz (much easier by the way), with the help of modern medicine (epidural) all went smoothly and quickly, but my Mom has greatly expressed how mad that made her having been in labor for 48 hours with both me and my younger brother.

  16. I wish I had it that easy when my son was born. I didn't scream like they do in Hollywood but I do recall a lot of NOISE. Next time, I'm getting the epidural!

  17. I just watched that movie last night, and had similar thoughts about it.

    As for the childbirth...oh honey. Not that I want everyone to have difficult birth experiences, like I did. But if you'd been in the next delivery room, I would have been shooting daggers at you. :-) Two hours of pushing with both kids, and the last hour with no epidural when my 2nd was born.

  18. Glad you had a nice holiday break, and that you're back. :)

  19. I'm going to go with you had it easy girl. I had an epidural with by first one, and I was still screaming and begging them to give me gas and let me die! It was horrendous! ANd I ended up in the hospital for 19 days after a vaginal delivery. It was pretty traumatic. But I went on to deliver 4 more without pain meds and didn't scream. Some are just HARD. Little brats.

  20. You totally had it easy, but movies get it all wrong, too.

    My easiest was maybe 2 hrs from start to finish, ironically, he came so fast, there was no time for the epidural. It hurt for sure, but I was in too much pain for screaming for any of them.

  21. A nap. Then a baby... ah. yeah. You had it easy.



    I distinctly remember shouting "Help me! Oh God, somebody HELP ME!!!"

  22. I want to see this movie!! It's on my list of movies to watch. Hope you had a wonderful holiday!!

  23. Ah-I want to see that movie too...but just like you...I just havent gotten around to it.
    And I agree-life has been so much better since blogging. I love the release it gives me, I love the new friends that I have made and hearing/reading about other peoples craziness...makes me feel so happy!!
    The childbirth stuff...ugh yeah i wasnt anything like what they show on tv either...mine were all easy as cake!

  24. I've been meaning to rent that - although there is no way my husband would watch it with me. And Meg Ryan's face wigs me out.

  25. I watched...The Women last "hit the spot"! I was totally in the mood for a chick flick! Thanks for reminding me with your post!

  26. Oh, and as for the hubby, he tried to watch with me...but had to leave the room!!! LOL!!!

  27. You know what's so great about reading your blog, after meeting you? Is that I can hear your voice through all of it.

    Da bears suck.

  28. The Broncos suck too. And they fired their head coach.

    I just finished watching that movie last night and I loved it. But i love any movie that is set in New York and clothes and shopping in it. The labor scene was horrible. What were they thinking?

    Now I want long hair again....

  29. i had natrual childbirth twice in my life with no drugs it hurts like first labor with my daughter jada was 26 hours long.i am only 4-11 and i pushed one hour straight 7pound 3 once 22 inch long baby.i stuck with lamaze until transition stage then some screaming mostly grunting and orgasim sound .my husband came to pushing i made a pushie face i pushed my baby out with all my might .he said i push my first baby out like i was having my forth husband got deliver her in birthing tub at birth center two year latter i had twin boys seven pounds each.i told my husband no more babies for a while.he agred he saw how hard it was for me both times.i can says from both births i have fantastic childbering hips from experance and i have been a great lamaze coach for my girlfriends i have lamaze coach seven times.


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