Denny *sigh*

I really had so much to blog about. Seriously, I have been writing blog posts in my head ALL day...

Things like why is Sarah Palin still giving interviews (go back to Alaska, and be Governor)? Why is Bill Ayers speaking to Good Morning America? Like how I, the last optimist, has left the building (I am so p*ssed off at the mess that is being made of the 3/4 of a trillion $ bailout!) and I just don't see a way out of it (be gone Henry Paulson...I don't trust you).

I was going to tell you all about how I heard that my health club might be closing:P I design blogs and illustrate, and almost every dime I make goes to the health club (programs for the kiddos, tennis for me, the play room...) That was the deal I made with myself...make the money and join the club. I mean, yes it's a dump. It's the club where folks go to work out (imagine that)! If my health club does close, I will need a marketing plan for my little design business (asking you smarties for ideas), because I will have to join the beautiful people club at twice the price! You know that club that the press keeps following Obama to when he works out? That's the beautiful people club. It's not as kiddo friendly, I can't walk to it, and I will need to put on makeup to go there:P JUST. NOT. AN. OPTION...Blech!

I had all these things swimming around in my brain...and then I watched Grey's Anatomy. There was Denny *sigh*.They were trying to sell me on the Izzy/Alex story line...and I was just about to bite...then BAM...Denny *sigh*. There is no way they will ever be able to write another man for Izzy because there's Denny *sigh*. I don't care that he's a ghost...I really don't. Keep him on the show. Kooky Izzy is dating the ghost, fine with me:) The whole rest of the show is circling the drain. Seriously writers, heart surgeon with Asbergers Syndrome? Seen it, Boston Legal. It's called an original idea, get one. Why don't the interns just tell the chief they aren't learning from Yang? He's all hoped up on the "teaching hospital" wait, just cut yourselves up instead. There's thinking...NOT:P The reality of it is, I don't care what you do as long as you keep Denny *sigh*.


  1. Grey's totally had me doing the major eye-roll.

    So many of my shows are letting me down. I may be stuck watching my DVD collection of classic films. Thank goodness for Christmas and a reason to watch It's a Wonderful Life over and over again.

    Bummer about the club...but you are a total blog design genius, so I have no doubts you'll be racking in the cash.

  2. I loves me some Denny, but seriously? They've got one more week before I start getting bitchy on them.

    Not that I'll stop watching or anything.

  3. Grey's doesn't come on here for another 45 minutes. I hope it's not jumping the shark. I really like the show. And you'll do fine though it stinks that the real people club is closing.

  4. Blaaahhhhh!!!
    Nah, nah, nah, I can't hear you!!!!!!
    I didn't watch tonight's episode yet! Shut it!!!!

    I loves me some Denny.

    I did watch ER though and when Dr. Greene came on screen I immediately started crying. Oh man. I miss him.
    *sniff, sniff*

  5. I don't watch Gray's. I do watch every other single show known to mankind.

    Don't feel too Martian like re: the Twilight books. You don't have a teen daughter yet. Believe me, when you do, you'll be exposed to a whole world that you have forgotten existed.

  6. gah. the secret intern society is pretty shark-jumpish. i guess, based on the coming attractions, that they go one step too far next week. *eyeroll*

    but denny? ohhhhh he's beautiful.

    i just can't wrap my head around the ghost aspect though.

  7. sadly greys lost me years ago.
    and that's with my raging old school p-demp love.

  8. I will have to find time today to catch up with the shows I missed online.

  9. Gosh, Grey's has been so boring lately... except for Izzy's storyline.

  10. Being a male. I'm not surprising you with this, but I don't really care for Grey's. Don't get me wrong I liked it up until they killed Grey (Yes! I do not like her depressing character, at all), but then they brought her back, fully functional. Talk about jumping the shark! So I refuse to get sucked in, and missed last night, in fact I think my wife even missed it. As far as I'm concerned (I know that you care, right?) there are only two decent characters on the show, and I can't remember their names - what does that tel you?

    Sorry to hear about your health club possibly closing. Makeup! To workout? Why, I never... :)

  11. I think people are houdning Palin for interviews.. not really the other way around. But, yesterday at the Republican Governor's Assoc, she spoke about the importance to getting back to work in her state, so I am sure you won't have to hear too much more from her.

    I couldn't agree more about Greys! Now when hubby cancels the recording I don't even really care!

  12. The bailout/stimulus thing is completely out of control.

    We simply cannot keep writing checks and buying stakes in car companies and financial institutions and whatever is next. The gov't is utterly incompetent to run them but shouldn't own them and just let them do whatever they please either.

    And, the gov't is going to be out of money soon. China and maybe other foreign gov'ts are going to own us, and at some point they will realize we can't pay what we owe them. Our currency will be worthless. We will be in serious serious trouble.

    Can you tell we're Bearish at our house??

  13. Sorry about the health club or not. Gray's has been off this season, I'm so disappointed. Last season it started going down, but really this is the worst...

  14. I had thought Grey's was getting back on track and then BAM! Worst. Episode. Ever. I fear there may be no recovering from the doc with Aspergers and the ghost thing. URGH!

  15. anglophilefootballfanatic.comNovember 14, 2008 at 2:16 PM

    I don't even watch Grey's anymore, and you certainly haven't made me want to!

  16. i like aff have given up, about 3 weeks ago i just stopped. everyone annoys me on the show.

  17. See, I have never watched Grey's Anatomy, so I have nothing to get disappointed about!!

    Hmmm... No club, anymore? Is there a YMCA nearby that you can go to until you find another place that you like? Or, maybe the nearby Y is somewhere you'd like to go permanently? I have always like the burbs' Y's...

  18. Denny was the best thing about the episode. It is almost like they killed him off and then realized people liked him so much that they needed to find a great way to bring him back! "Hey, let's have him be a ghost and hook up with Izzy." Weird!

    I hope it gets better but right now it is making me want to switch over to CSI!

  19. So I guess I'll skip the two Grey's Anatomy's that I have on tape?

    Ok, I'll still watch. For Denny.

  20. Didn't start watching until last has not lived up to the hype. However, keep watching hoping it could get better.
    I work out at the worries about appearances.

  21. :) I have been doing posts in my head all week yet not getting them down, oh well, time later. :) I'm still catching up on all the old Greys. :)

  22. Huh. I used to wish I that I did watch Grey's, but now I'm glad I never started. Because I'd be stuck watching a show that was no good anymore, but I couldn't give up watching, and all I can do is complain about how awful it now is. Like ER. (Sorry, Kat. I still watch and complain that it's just not what it used to be and I'm so glad this is the last season so I won't be obligated to watch anymore, but YES, it was nice to see Dr. Greene again!)

    Anyway, I hope your health club stays open and if not, good luck with the design business! I dont' that should be a problem for you!

  23. I was a huge Grey's fan a couple of years ago, but couldn't get into it last year, let alone this year. I guess I'm not missing too much.

    I hope they don't close down your health club. That's a real drag.


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