What can I say? I may be a Big City girl, but I will always be a country girl at heart (grew up in the sticks). I will always LOVE me some country music. Yes, I watched the CMA's tonight. So loving that George Strait was winning the awards! Love, love, LOVE George Strait!
I do have a question for the cowboy hat wearing crowd. I was noticing the hats on the men. Now, this would have gone right past me had I not done an illustration project for a couple women who explained to me in my work that the cowboy hats were all wrong and that a real cowgirl would know. Now I am all confused about the hats and the brims.My man George has a brim that spreads way out...Alan Jackson's brim has more of a crease to it...Brad Paisley is sporting more of a rounded brim that kind of wraps back towards the hat...This is the hat I like best, smaller brim, really tight...

So my question, is this just a style preference? Does it show where you are from? Does someone from Texas wear a different hat than someone from Nashville? I am not making a joke here, I just want to know the story, so bring it on my cowgirls (and boys) what's the deal?

I also gotta say I was not feeling the outfits...The women are really cute, but the dresses...kind of misses:( Instead of torturing you with all of the dresses I wasn't feeling, I will just plead my case with two women who really should have done better...This is cutie Julianne Huff (Dancing With the Stars). I do think this is a lovely color on her, but it looks like she is being attacked by an eel. I am not feeling this AT ALL. Cute girl, hot bod...could have done so much better.I love Reese Witherspoon. The girl is usually spot on in the style arena. Am I the only one thinking she looks like Elvira? I think this has a goth prom queen appeal to it. What gives? Cute girl, scary dress...I just don't get it?

Am I the only one who watched? What did you think?


  1. The hats have all gone whackadoo.

    The small tight brim hats are known around here at least, as river hats.
    The broad open brims, for riding.
    The closer in, for out on the town.

    Apparently in celebville, it's all about your preference and I'm with you completely on the women's fashions!

    I knew i loved ya

  2. didn't watch but i love your take on the hats.

    and your assessment of the eel dress is right on!

  3. Attacked by an eel . . . you are so right!

    Now everyone is gonna want a pink eel.

    Or not.

  4. I'll be watching your comments to find out about those hats!

  5. In the past the brim of the hate denoted the region where you were from. Usually the wider the brim meant you were farther south where it was hotter.The whole job of the cowboy hat was to protect from the elements on long rides. But now its all about preference honestly. I prefer classic because my hubby rocks it George Strait style in everyway. Lots fashion misses for the ladies, shall I speak of Jennifer Nettles of Sugar Land.

  6. I'm no hat expert, and I do know that when it comes to men's hats, it is about preference.

    When you go by a hat, it it mostly flat brimmed, and they shape it for you before you take it home, so I assume that there is a little trial and error where you decide how creased you want it...

    In my opinion, the George and the Alan are acceptable, the Brad is borderline, and that last guy (whoever he is) looks like his horse sat on his hat.

    Assuming that he's ever actually seen a horse, some of these guys are NOT real cowboys.

  7. I love me some George too, I had a chance meeting with him...he is a great person, and his style of hat is what most men wear here.

    I love the dresses last night ...they were so stylish. They really went all out...

  8. I didn't watch last night. I forgot it was on.

    I am not a cowgirl but I do think it is personal preference. I like the last one too. Very hip.

    Both of those dresses a perfectly hideous. Yuck!!

  9. My daughter (16) and I watched. It was a lot of fun. I did not like the dresses at all either. Great music though. How many more awards can George Strait win anyway? Awesome!

  10. LOL! I flipped through last night wondering, Who actually watches this! Now I know.. A woman from Chicago.

    Did you hear about Blogher? and how many guests are you housing....haha!

  11. Despite living in TX my whole life, I was completely unaware of what your hat brim said about you--except that only frat boys seemed to wear hats with the right brims. So glad you have cleared that up in the comments. Good to know before rodeo is upon us in Houston. That Reese Witherspoon thing is just frightening!

  12. I missed it I have been getting all my Cowboy Christmas goodies ready to go. However, I is all about style, Only the real Cowboys and Cowgirls, know why the hat is a neccicity. The celebs wear them to look good. Not that there is anything wrong with it. But gone are the days when only "Authentic" Cowboys and girls wore the Cowboy hat. I'll bet you the peolpe that wear it for fashion, lay it on the bed.Yikes! I think you should wear what makes you comfortable. I will dress to the occasion. I can push cattle in chaps,boots,spurs, a T-shirt,jeans and a ball cap. Then turn around that evening, and rock a mini, heels, diamonds,perfume,and a martini!
    On the arm of my Authentic Cowboy! Life is all about dress up. Some people know how and others copy what they don't! Makes life fun! I wouldn't know anything about what a lawyer would wear!he he!

  13. I've seen George in many a rodeo over many, many years. He's still a total heartthrob. I'm not a hat expert, but I do know boots are what make the man.

  14. Um no. I was just upset that my normal tv got canceled!

  15. Awh Cyn...thanks for the sweet words...

    You are a good paid attention when we talked about it...TW pretty much said it work here is done!


  16. I don't watch them, but I'm thinking the hats have more to do with personal style than geography...

  17. I love country music but don't have the attention span for award shows. I'm a big George fan too.

  18. Whoa. I have to agree on those dresses. Definitely not feeling those.

    I'm a city brat myself, but never lived anywhere but a city so I'm very curious about the hat theories.

  19. okay what are you talking about?? That pink dress is HOT!!


    Can't say nothing about the hat thing. Not really a country girl....

  20. I posted about this today! used that same photo of Reese - weird misstep for her.

  21. i'm not a big fan of country music but they really do have nice music and love some of it.
    btw, those hats are cute and i think, just like other said, it's all about preference. and i also agree about those dresses..don't like it and not feeling those..


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