Nobody wants to hear me rant, so I am going to try to keep this mildly coherent. First...I have a head cold:P I am a week and a half from trying to run the fastest marathon of my life. I have been training like a maniac all summer...and I'm sick! You don't even know how p*ssed off this makes me. You don't even know!!!

Second...this whole 700 billion dollar Wall Street bailout is bunching up my shorts! It's not that I don't think it needs to be done. It's the way that it is being proposed that is just wrongitty wrong, wrong, wrong. I have b*tched to my Husband (who agrees with me) so much that I'm putting it here and then maybe I can let it go. Here's the thing, I get that nobody wins if we (the govt.) let's these firms (who got themselves into this mess) fold. I get that a market in free fall helps no one. I get it, believe me...I get it. What p*sses me off is...where is the accountability? I want some consequences for these big money folks. How about, no multi million dollar bonuses to any firms accepting bailout? How about salary cuts for the folks in charge? What if, you screw up your loose your house in the Hampton's, or your second home in Aspen, or your third home in wherever the beautiful/rich people are?
On that note...why are we the tax payers not cutting the deal more to the tune of the Warren Buffett/Goldman Sachs deal? He is taking those folks to the hoop. Which tells me they must have been in some dire straits. Not only is he getting a 10% dividend (sweet) on the 5 billion he is investing, but he also gets futures rights to invest another 5 billion at $115 a share. Smart! Where is Henry Paulson or Ben Bernanke? Why are they not cutting deals with the Wall Street firms in need of bailouts that aren't serving up tax payer money like total patsy's? This is not a charity here. These are very rich, greedy folks who cut corners and money grubbed their way into this situation that is now being felt by everyone. I say help them out for the good of the country, but MAKE 'EM FEEL IT! MAKE. THEM. FEEL. IT!


  1. I was under the impression (thanks to my hubby) that they were "loaning" this bailout money for 2 years at 11% interest....and that the federal government in effect has become a 59% holder in the companies, but like I said this info comes from hubby and I discussing it so who knows if that's right or not....LOL

    Oh and I fully agree about the bonuses and stuff....they need penalties

  2. I have never understood and will probably never understand how someone can get fired but end up with a $10m bonus for leaving. It. makes. me. crazy.

  3. Queenie...actually the debt is to be paid off over decades,and we/taxpayers are paying more than what the paper is worth, and they are not laying out any terms to the deal. The Bush admin. is asking congress to pass the deal with no spelling out of the terms..."Just trust them".

  4. It's kinda funny you mention the Warren Buffett deal. Honey and I were recently discussing the wretched choice we have in the presidential candidates. I posited the question to him, "if you could pick anyone who would you set forth for a write in campaign as the third candidate?"

    His choice: Warren Buffett and I Ooo-ed at that. If he could manage the country's budget and make deals for the USA the same way he does for himself I think we could get a handle on the economy.

    And I am right there with you on the accountability thing. Someone is responsible for this mess. Many someones. And they should have to give up their unjustly acquired wealth before making everyone pay. They profited from capitalism and should not be bailed out by socialistic practices. Greedy people cannot and should not be trusted.

  5. Well hell....those @#%^%%**@(!

    See this is why I dislike people as a general rule...LOL

  6. Qweenie...I dislike people as a general rule as well;)

  7. I just love rewarding people with no long term risk management skills. [please display using the 'sarcasm' font]

    That being said, we need to do the bailout, but I too fear that it won't be efficiently distributed but rather reward the guilt.

    Warren Buffet is my hero.

  8. You are right - this is Stink Stank Stunk territory. You don't have to understand much to realize this is all bad from every angle.

    We can't let the whole thing melt into a puddle of nothing, but the bailout deal is very scary.

    Hubs and I have considered becoming ex-pats in retirement. The election and the white hot financial mess make me wonder if we should be just moving on out, kids in tow.

  9. Oh and I'm so sorry you're sick!! I hope you recover quickly and you don't lose momentum!

  10. I don't know crap about any of that...but I'll agree with you just cause it sounds good.


  11. I hope you feel better! I was also under the impression the loan was for 2 years so they could sell off their assets. I agree with you about the bonuses and bailing these greedy corporations out, it just irks me to no end!

  12. I am so sorry about your cold. I hope it is gone by the time your race comes around. I hope this doesn't mess up your momentum for your big race. Good luck.

    I would love to offer a smart and inteligent opinion on the big bail out but I am a little out of touch with it all. Guess I am going to have to go and catch up.

  13. My cough/sinus infection/allergies thing is in week four. I totally feel your pain, but the frustration! Oh, honey. I know how hard you've been training.

    The money fiasco? I'm scared shiteless. There is no accountability. Apparently, the head of the FDIC said something about how if we didn't bail them out, we literally would've ceased to exist. That makes me feel confident in throwing them almost a trillion dollars we don't have. Oh, and that we just committed a truly socialist thing by doing it. When the govt buys our housing? That's called communism 101.

  14. Feel your pain on the head cold. Just starting to recover today. It's still 90 degrees over here in So. Cal. which sux when you're sick. blah. hope you feel better in time for the marathon.

    This financial fiasco is infuriating. It's been a glaring titanic for years and yet nothing was ever done to fix it because of politics. UGH. If it were just some company making the bailout, I might believe that they could successfully fix things and manage to make a few bucks on all that discounted property but since it's the govt? Pretty sure they'll screw it all up.

    Not bitter or anything though. /sarcasm off

  15. sorry you are sick...i am hearing lots of folks getting a cold. i am sneezy but i think mine is allergies....i will be damned if i get a cold for the half marathon.

    as for the whole economy thingy. oh god it pisses me off , i don't have the solution that is for sure but what i do know is that many people in my town are kajillionair bankers and they have money that will last their kids kids. so they won't feel a pinch of this YET they sure as heck felt the good times....i find it appalling that there are men who make 1 million dollars a year, yet they weren't smart enough to avoid this debacle ???

  16. My husband is in finance, and these recent problems are about all he talks about these days. It just seems every decade there is some financial scandal that the taxpayers have to bail someone out of because, as you pointed out, the accountability problem. Not only that, but the higher-ups at these big companies that fail frequently get to leave with a nice severance package, while the firm has to fire a bunch of underlings to make up for upper management's failings. So not only do the taxpayers get stuck with the bailout, but many of them also lose their jobs. And the people at fault come out ahead. What kind of crazy bull is that?

  17. PS I hope you fell well enough for your marathon!

  18. I was going to do a blog post about this myself, but was getting all worked up! Well said though.

    The whole thing just stinks doesn't it? Like bailing out the airline industry all over again. Let's hand 'em more money so those execs can continue to get their 7 figure salaries and bonuses. Please don't ANYONE try and tell me this country is not for socialism. Yeah, right.

    Oh and feel better soon.

  19. Couldn't agree more. Dadisodes and I are infuriated about this, too.

    Fingers crossed you recover in time for the big event.

  20. First of all, I do hope you feel better soon. I just got over a horrible head cold. It stinks!

    TOTALLY agree with you...they need to feel the pain more than the country feels it right now...not feel what it's like to hang out in their beach houses. Jerks.


  21. ew. ew. and ew.
    This whole subject has my panties in a twist. Not. Liking. It.
    Not at all...
    Amen to you sista!! I say we string them up in a tree and let them watch their homes get taken away. ALL OF THEM. While I struggle paycheck to paycheck because my husband and I can't afford for him to FINISH SCHOOL!! While our kids ALL sleep in one room and we have to sell our belongings to make it by. I wouldn't even have internet if I wasn't 'borrowing' it from our neighbors...thanks to wireless cards. Next thing to go is my precious wedding ring...what else are we supposed to do?
    I'm so glad that they get 10m in severance because they effed up their company.
    GRRR...thanks for letting me vent here, too!

  22. Oh and good luck in your race!! You will do well!!


  23. are preaching to the choir...

    I think that the markets are so complicated for those outside the loop, that they can get away with letting the "experts" handle it.


    Also, if we can borrow 700 billion dollars from china to bail out wall come we can't provide health care and housing for EVERY single American?? Hmmm? :)

    The Egel Nest

  24. first off sorry you are sick "that sucks"

    Second I agree with ya, i have been so aggravated with the whole bailout.... hmmm what next we bailout big rich oil companies (now that makes sense)

  25. I hear ya, girl! I've been upset about this all day today. What sort of precedent are we setting here? If your a greedy snake and want to run your business into the ground (while making millions), we'll bail you out? Something has to be done but this is ridiculous.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  26. Girl, you are on fire.

    And I agree with every word.

  27. oh man.....yes.....sigh.....

    I'm with Bradley on this one.

  28. I'm with you, sweetie, make 'em feel it!

  29. I am so sorry tha tyou are sick!! That really stinks. I am also SO with you on the bailout. So infuriating the way it is being done!

  30. I am so sorry you aren't feeling well. But at least it is a week before and not a day before, right? Just trying to look on the bright side. I know it still sucks.

  31. AMEN!

    I'm a bit torn over the "bailout" issue. BOTH my parents work for AIG, and I worry about them, but I hate the idea of handing over taxpayer money to these bozos with no strings attached (or not enough), and at first was completely opposed to AND bailout at all. Obviously, that's not a good idea, but there does need to be some set of rules there.

    You sound like you have a pretty good grasp of the situation - NapWarden for President!! ;-)


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