Rain on Me

I have come to the conclusion that Mother Nature owes me. She owes me 50 degree weather with the wind at my back for 26.2 miles! What a brutal, brutal 20 mile run this weekend:P
Is there anywhere that it didn't rain, and rain, AND RAIN? The running trail I was supposed to do my 20 on...totally flooded out. So, Sunday morning, I got up and ran 10 miles down the lakefront in the pouring rain. Then 10 miles back in the WIND and pouring rain:P
I am just so bull headed, I found myself cursing Mother Nature. I felt like a sea captain on the deck of a boat, shaking their fist at the weather..."Is that all you got!?!" There were times where the rain actually hurt my face. I just kept telling myself "move forward, keep moving forward...", and I did. I clocked in at a 9:25 pace. I was shooting for a 9:15, but I'll take it:)
Fwiw, I got my cold soak in right after my run. The legs feel pretty good this morning. I am taking the day off from running though:)

On a completely unrelated note...Can you believe this Lehman bankruptcy?!? As a former trader, every once in a while I get sucked back in. Last I checked, the Dow was down over 300 points! Holy scary stuff Batman! I can't believe Thain (Merrill Lynch chief) yanked B of A out of the Lehman talks and worked a Merrill buyout instead!!! On the one hand, you could say well done for looking out for yourself and your share holders. On the other hand, it's a bit like going to an engagement party and making a pass at the groom! There has to be a buy in here somewhere...


  1. Maybe we should buy Lehman stock by the butt load and make a huge profit?

  2. Well then can you make some sense out of this banking mess? What the heck is going on?

    Seriously your running puts me completely to shame. Every time I read about your crazy runs I feel like I need to go to the gym.

  3. Greed is good. - Gordon Gekko

    It's amazing how these companies with almost 2 centuries of existence can forget some of the fundamental concepts of risk management and chose a short term gain whose long term risk is enormous and almost obvious.

  4. My husband is a trader and he says "good time to buy" and "this has all the marks of the bottom."

    I hope it's the bottom. And about time the government is just saying NO to rescuing these guys (and gals) who just plain screwed up (and screwed up our economy in the process) by funding the sub-prime market. Letting it all fall out is painful, but the feds need to step aside and let this correct itself.

  5. anglophilefootballfanatic.comSeptember 15, 2008 at 12:02 PM

    The market is scary today. VERY scary. I am shocked by the wheeling dealing going on. These men are so greedy!

  6. Aren't you glad you out of banking and into running...

    Now you are pelted with rain and wind...instead of stress :)

    The Egel Nest

  7. I was shocked by the news this morning! But even more shocking is your run WTG 20 miles n the wind and rain you are a tropper!

  8. The weather!!! what can I say it has sucked over the past two months.. I'm with you, I deserve a break with some cooler temps.

    Good on running!!!

    The whole thing with Lehman is just plain crazy...

  9. I was totally shocked too. I thought for sure there would be some sad, pathetic bail-out of some kind. OY! Let's hope this is the *bottom*.

    Congrats on the running. Now enjoy a day off!

  10. Of COURSE the bottom comes at the time when I need to cash things out for a house down payment. OF COURSE.

    You and your awesome running skills amaze me. You go!

  11. You are the first person I have ever not quite met who still runs in horrible weather, ok, so Im feeling a bit shamed at not even doing the walk to school yesterday because there was a bit of rain falling! Way to go, thanks for more inspiration!

  12. I'm thinking that Mother Nature wants you to do a triatholon (sic)and was gently encouraging you with the water.

    As for the market, at least I still have 15, er 25 more years until retirement. :)

  13. Wow! You are so awesome. I would definately have used that kind of weather for an excuse to stay in! So funny- you cursing Mother Nature...

  14. OMG! You have so much determination....even with all that rain!

  15. I guess I live in denial. I always figure that things will come around in the end. Of course, I guess a lot of people thought that when the market crashed last century.

  16. Yeah, yeah, yeah Lehman's...

    I'm still stuck on you running 20 MILES. IN THE RAIN.

    Holy crap, I give up running half-way up the stairs.

    You are an inspiration (probably won't motivate me to run, but still, an inspiration)...

  17. When the AP headline includes the phrase "finance meltdown," it sure is scary!


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