Award, Meme, Award, Award

Alright, I suck. I suck, and I know it, and here's why...I have been given some wonderful awards, by some wonderful bloggers, and I just never get around to giving them out:P Are you like me? I always have posts rattling around in my head, and I never get around to them...just like I never got around to the award posts...I feel bad about it, so I'm fixing it NOW!
First up, P from Life is Better With a Cute Outfit awarded me this little gem...She says I'm fun to read and I always have something interesting going on...and I thank her:)

Next up, Tresia from Confessions of a Midlife Trucker's Wife tagged me for the Eights meme...I am doing a modified version, simply because I can't remember the last time I read a book, let alone eight!
Eight things I say a lot...
1) Geezums!
2) No way! (in my best Seinfeld voice)
3) Shut up!
4) What'cha thinkin'? (at Husband constantly)
5) What's for dinner? (even though I always have to make it)
6) No!
7) Don't touch that!
8) I'm not on the computer;)

Eight things I have a passion for...
1) my babies
2) running
3) skiing
4) blogging
5) designing/Photoshop/Illustrator
6) tennis
7) being a city cat
8) movies
Yes, it's modified...but I really haven't seen eight movies eight times!

My Girl Carrie at Confessions has awarded me with this one...
She says I have inspired her to start running! Yay for anyone who gets out and does any kind of hat is off to you:) I'm so glad I could be the reason she started thanks for the award!

What else do I have in my little bag of tricks...Oh yes, CC from If Only I Had Super Powers awarded me with this...From one Super Woman to another...I want to thank her so much, and do have super powers girl!

Now to give these out??? Here's what I'm gonna do...I'm going to list some great bloggers and they can take the award they don't have yet. Sound fair? Come'on, I'm trying here! Here we go...
1) Momisodes- You're fabulous, you gotta know it!
2) Milk Breath & Margaritas- Love her!
3) From the Land of Monkeys and Princesses-Happy Birthday!
4) The Only Thing I Know-You know I think you rock (I'm still stalking you)!
5) Miss Britt-This is a new read for me, but a really great blog!
6) EatPlayLove- Go support her...her neighbor is a nutter!
7) Seeking Sanity- Kathryn is a fellow runner, and a great writer!
8) AFF-What can I say...I want to take Carl to the marathon!
9) The Perlman Update-Do you read Jill, what an exciting amazing life she leads!
10) Mommyvents-Another runner...I loves me runners!
So, go forth and meme or grab an award and pass it on...m'kay!


  1. Congratulations on your well deserved awards! Yes! And great choices of blogs too!

  2. Congrats on your awards.

    And what an AWESOME group of bloggers you listed. Yay to you all. ;)

  3. Aww, thank you so much! You are the sweetest :)

    I have no idea how you keep up with it all (kids, design, running, blogging, etc). I'm the worst at these things too.

    Congrats on all the bling!

    "Geezums?"- How cute are you ;)

  4. Awww, shucks. I stalk you too. :)

  5. Wow! You are racking up the awards, woman! You deserve them all!
    Thanks for passing it on. That is so sweet! :)
    I'll take the Blog of Distinction award since it makes me sound important. ;)

  6. Woo hoo on the awards. Great choices.

    I know it is tough to pick blogs to hand these out to, but I think it is great 'cause this is usually how I add to my already bulging reader . . .

    Yay for you!!!

  7. You MUST take Carl to the marathon. He'd be in heaven! He's actually on his way to "your town" right now for a baseball game.

  8. Thanks girl you are a inspiration to all moms that are challenged to stay fit with all of their crazy schedules.

    I totally understand not getting around to giving out blog awards it hard to find the time to get back to everyone that comments to me.

    So congrats on a great blog,and just for a not I read your post all the time, even if I don't leave comments.

  9. THANKS!!! How fun that I get to pick one!

  10. thanks so much. I love Blog Love, especially when my neighbor is a true nutter and I am in a bad mood.

    Have a great weekend, how many miles you gonna pound?

  11. Congrats on your awards. Glad I found your blog. I enjoy reading it.

  12. Congrats, congrats on your awards! Totally deserved.

    Thanks so much for the kindred shout-out. You're too much. :)


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