Just LOST, on all fronts.

First...What do you mean "in two weeks"!?! I waited, I kept up my end of the bargain through the writers strike...now where are my continuous episodes? Second..."season finale"!!! You just got back...what do you mean "season finale"? Oh, I am not happy about this at all! Plus, I watched this week, and all I got was p*ssed off. How do the Oceanic six get together to get off the island, they are in at least four different places?!? Who are the other others (the ones with the guy who doesn't age)? Is he alive? Where has he been for the last three seasons? What is Locke supposed to do when he gets to the orchid...how does he know? Plus, the sh*t is already going down on the island...what does it matter if they move it now? Seems a big fat lot of too little too late! Ugh, this show is just nothin' but frustrating...why, oh why did I let myself get sucked into it? Moving on...

Am I doing this parenting thing wrong? I am the full time caregiver to a two and a half year old, and a 19 month old, and I am exhausted all of the time! Miss Peach is just solidly in the terrible twos. She spends the entire day ordering me around like some kind of miniature drill sergeant. I spend all of my time saying "I didn't hear a please, or a may I, or a thank you". What else does one do? Is this typical behavior for a two year old? "Mommy get me this, Mommy don't say that, Mommy stop singing..." it's endless. The Little Man is still my little sweetie pie, but he's getting to two himself. I pick him up to change his diaper and I get "let go of me" or his favorite "no, no, no". By the end of the day, I just feel raw, and numb from being barked at all day by my babies. Give me some ideas...how do you handle two, two year olds when they outnumber you?


  1. I hate to scare you, but I found 3 to 4 to be much harder. Our 4 year old does her own thing and barely listens, until she finds me putting all her toys in a garbage bag...then suddenly the ears work.

    I really don't want to know what being a dad to two teenage daughters is gonna be like.

  2. And Jack is Claire's brother?


    I have to wait until Fall to find out. Geez!!!!

  3. oh man, i am right there with you. i swear i was losing it. chocolate helps a LOT !! sass tells me to go away, stop talking to me, i don't love you.....i swear the abuse i take. she won't eat the pasta b/c it is shaped differently than the ones she likes and on and on. frass is pretty good for themost part, but when she wants something or doesn't want something...oh my gosh....she is one stubborn girl, plus she doens't speak so she grunts and moans and cries and whines. i don't know how i do it ??? getting out of the house helps. didn't i help a ton ???

  4. I have a couple of favorite lines for my little ones:
    1) "I don't speak whinese I speak English, when you can speak English, come back"
    2)"You don't get to talk to mommy that way, when you can use nice words I would love to help you"
    3) "It sounds like you need to sit down, take a deep breath and then we can work through this" (where I ask her to sit down for a minute, I sit with her, we take deep breaths and then we start again - for when she is frustrated or can't get something working).

    My girls are now 3.5 and 20 months and I started using those lines VERY early because I just couldn't take the age appropriate whining, demanding, temper tantrums. This works for us! But everyone is different and whatever you do I know you do with love :)


  5. Honestly I don't know how you do it. When I had Miss A, Miss C was 33 months old and I had her in daycare just right around the corner from home (I was working 32 hours a week from home, though.)

    Do you have a Mother's Day out program near you? One of my best friends is a stay at home mom and her boys are two years apart. They go twice a week and normally the programs are only from about 9 to 2. Maybe one day of MDO would be good to look at eventually?

  6. First off, I start by telling myself it's only a phase. I don't let myself in on the little secret that the phase may last for another 20 years...hahaha.

    I've also found that giving them TWO options works pretty well sometimes. Gives them a little power over something.

    The whole "I don't love you" thing is also just a power play on their part. I don't let it upset me, and I use it as an opportunity to teach about feelings. (That hurts my feelings. How would you feel if I said it to you, etc.) I also gave mine other phrases to use when they were frustrated with me, ie. I don't like that you won't let me have cookies as soon as I wake up...etc. It actually worked.

    Hang in there. It's all normal and you're probably doing it right.

  7. i am terrified of when my little man can actually talk. i don't think it's gonna be nice, what he has to say! especially around diaper change time. . .you are doing great and soldiering along. i have no advice!
    as for LOST can we say ALL OVER THE PLACE! i was totally reeling after that. it was almost too much going on to be interesting. although sun's sweet, sweet "revenge" on her father was my fave. but how are they feeding aaron? this totally keeps me up at night!

  8. OMG...Good question! How are they feeding Aaron?

  9. Well... totally normal.

    I am so very tired myself.

    Expect please and thank you but also draw boundaries.. because their demands will go on and on. When possible, it's great for them to feel in control of some things but there is a limit. When you have had enough, it's enough.

  10. all I have to say is wait until 3, when she can argue and throw fits like you have never ever imagined! sorry.

    **and I don't watch lost, or i'd chime in!

  11. I am fond of putting myself in time out. Best thing I could do when I was going crazy with my two Hitlers....get away from them! Hide in the bathroom.
    Be emotionally distant during these times and refuse to be treated badly.
    Definitely get out and go for a walk.
    Snacks and naps for everyone including mom.
    Keep reminding yourself with some of my favourite mantras:
    -you are the adult
    -this too shall pass
    -this is how they express themselves...they do not have adult vocabulary and social graces...
    -I will laugh at this one day
    -I do not need a two year old friend, rather I do want a kid that will have friends, get along with co-workers and find someone to marry.
    -remember, they will be picking out my nursing home one day

  12. Oh, and when they are 3 and 5, life is soooo much better. You can actually read the paper while they play.

    Oh...and I had a racy dream about Ben last night.....what the heck is that all about? I would think I would rather be dreaming about jack, sawyer, jin, sayid, desmond etc. instead. Sheesh!!!

  13. If you are exhausted I think you are doing it right!!

    and... it's a little late now but my mom handled it by having all 3 of her kids 4 years apart from each other!

  14. At this stage they want to know who is the boss - over everything.

    Having twins one would do something and then the other one would do the same thing to see if I gave him the same answer.

    You're are going to feel beat up and battered but if the darlings want to know who's the boss bring it on and win it!!

    Hang in there! The more you do now the less you have to do later.

  15. all good advice... i was going to say the same thing as leigh... i read the book "parenting with love and logic" which gives sound, solid advice for parenting kids of all ages. we too have used the two option tactic for about 6 months and it's worked well.

    however, when all else fails... i mimic them with their whining and demands... in their same screachy voices with the same facial expressions and body language. they immediately stop what they're doing and burst out laughing because they're so shocked at the sight.

    it's even better out in public. my 5 year old gets embarrassed, the 3 year old wants me to continue.

    while i'm on a roll... when either of them say something like, "mommy, i want a drink" my standard response is, "that's nice". and i wait, straight faced until they re-ask me the same question with, "mommy, may i please have a drink?" that took some time, but it works well.

    and when nothing else appears to work - have a cocktail or two, it'll numb the pain.

  16. I have no solutions to provide except develop a thick skin and selective hearing!

  17. Season finale in two weeks.
    Yeah, not so happy over here either!

  18. I promise that they eventually get more self sufficient and you get more rest.

  19. Can't watch Lost like this. I have to wait until the season is over and then watch it all at once. I am way too impatient to play the waiting game. Until then, fingers in ears and singing "Lalalalalalala."

    Oh, I know I'll be there (as in the toddling twos) soon enough. I'll just sit back and listen to all the wise comments you receive on this one.

  20. I am so lost on Lost it's pathetic! I had my DIL try to explain what the heck is going on and I still don't know! Wish I had waited till the season was over and just bought it on dvd. Much easier and less stressful!

    Don't know what to offer for suggestions on parenting. I only had one child so my sister tells me I'm not really a parent. She says there was no one for my son to fight with in the car on trips so I don't have a clue. Nice sister.

  21. yeesh, I thought your post title said lost all fonts . .

  22. Oh, sweetie. I wish I had some advice but I do not. Two is hard but unlike ohcaptain, I thought three was much easier with my daughter. *shrug* I didn't realize how close your children were in age! I knew it was close but not thatclose! I used to make my daughter go to her room to whine or cry without merit. That helped a little. Good luck- this too shall pass....

    And about Aaron? I have wondered how the little guy is being fed, too!

  23. We finally watched Lost. I am with you. WHAT GIVES?

    and also? the twos? SUCK. I liked the twos with my other kids, but this kid (2 and a half) is sucking the life blood out of me. And she bullies her BIG sister. ACK!


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