What's it Gonna Take?

People, I have let myself go:( It is a long road to running a marathon, let alone qualifying for Boston. I have been sick, the weather has sucked, the babies have been sick, we moved...These are all my excuses why I haven't worked out in quite a while. Well, here it is. Do or die time. If I'm gonna throw my hat in the ring and try to qualify, here is what it's gonna take...
1) Run-duh, I have to make the feet hit the pavement.
2) Lift weights-I need, need, need to work on core and upper body strength. I truly believe this is the key to me making it.
3) Eat better-Lordy to I need to do my homework on this one!
4) Drop 8 pounds-It is just a fact, the less you weigh, the less weight you carry for 26.2 miles
5) Drink more water-'nuff said
6) Get more sleep-blog less:(
7) Join health club-this is not a must, I just think it would help me.
8) Buy a heart monitor-I have never trained with one, but my friends who have swear by it.
9) Research Marathons-Which one am I running, where, and why. I need a point to point decline.
10) Cross train-I gotta find something else I like to do, that I can do with the babies.
11) Rejoin my running group-Such a wealth of information there.
12) Buy new shoes-more research
13) Just do it!
That's quite a list...At least now, I know what I am up against.....


  1. Hey - something we have in common: running. Only done 1/2 marathons but deep down in side want to do a full. The just do it has been a motto of mine since I started actually, so that's my favorite. Good luck to ya sister and pass along what you're learning...if you have time to blog about it, that is. Happy TT :)

  2. Whoa! I'm amazed that people can run marathons! The best to you with your goals...

  3. You go, Girl! I don't have the stamina to do that but greatly admire those who do.

  4. Good thoughts keep moving posting mine has helped I love asics running shoes

  5. Good luck to you!

  6. That was supposed to say Good Luck!

    That's what I get for typing with a 4 year old on my lap. LOL

  7. Have you ever used the Runners World site? They have all of that you mentioned. Great stuff - workouts - really positive. We get the magazine and even though I'm not a runner, I love it. I've been doing Jillian Michael's "Making the cut" and am blown away at my new found core strength -that's after 30 years of weight training.

    Ah well - Shawn Phillips says that we do better if we honor the "seasons". You'll get there!

    Happy TT!

    My TT is about Art Candy.

  8. You go, girl! I can't run 'cause of my wonky joints, so I bike. I also use a heart rate monitor -- a very basic one, but it's perfect for me. I've used it since before I got pregnant with #2 (and how I knew I was pregnant about two weeks after conception). It keeps me going when I want to quit.

    Really, you go. Get out there and run. Those eight pounds will come off on their own.

    As for the best diet tip I've ever heard? It was from Leslie Bonci, who is a great and highly regarded nutritionist. Ready? EAT THREE BITES LESS AT EACH MEAL.

    That's it.

    It works!

  9. Weight Watchers has helped me drop about 7 lbs so far.. but I started at over 250...

    Lost Hemisphere's TT #5

  10. God, that's a picture of you isn't it?

    You rock! I am so doing this with you! (in spirit)

    Now, I'm taking my raspberry truffles and my Srewdriver back to the sofa for some Project Runway.


  11. the best of luck...you can do it! if you can make these awesome blogs...you can reach all of those goals!

  12. I don't ever plan to run a marathon -- I can't run at all -- but I do need to do many of these things. I am woefully out of shape.

  13. Best of luck to you! :)

    Happy TT.

  14. Good luck girl!! I really admire those who run. My sister in law did the Boston last year. I could never do a marathon. I can't even run to the bus stop, and it's just 3 houses down.

  15. You are my running idol, so I will not presume to offer you any running advice. But I will say.
    You can do it.
    Now go on...Do it!

    For eating better, I have a theory that as a SAHM it is difficult to eat right because feeding yourself is always an afterthought to feeding the rest of the family. I don't know about you, but I am always starving by the time I start to think about my lunch and then I make bad food choices. So my theory and plan should I ever be lucky enough to stay at home again is to pack my food the night before and limit my food intake to what is in the bag and ONLY what is in the bag.

  16. You can do it girl!!!! I'm thinking of you.

  17. Great List. You're gonna do it. There's no doubt in my mind. I'm with on eating better and doing my homework and getting more sleep. You Go Girl!!!

  18. WOW! I'm in awe of people who run marathons. It takes so much discipline and you certainly sound like you're going to make it happen. Good luck!

  19. Good for you! I couldn't run even if chased. 45 minutes on the elliptical trainer and I'm ready to keel over.

  20. Good luck! Now you just need to do it!

  21. Ooh, reminder to get on feet! 8 lbs. is a good and manageable goal. I'll make it mine, too!

  22. Warden- You should definitely wear your "cape" I think it will help! Good luck. that is so admirable!

  23. Great list...how are you going to accomplish this...

  24. First I am so proud that you can do this...and I know if you set your mind to it you WILL do it.
    Start with this list and check things off as you accomplish them. I have a friend in Australia who runs marathons since she had WLS and wow she loves it.
    Great list and you know you have a cheerleading squad here!

  25. Drink more water and blog less. On my to do list, as well. LOL!

  26. One thing that has helped me lose a few pounds was to cut out carbs at dinner. Get all the carbs in by 4ish and just have protein and veggies at dinner. Just a shared experience...

    Good luck to you!

  27. Excellent advice for all us … even those like me who don’t plan to ever run a marathon! Good luck with your efforts to train.
    Hugs and blessings,

  28. wow! can't wait to follow your progress...hope you don't cut back too much on the blogging! happy TT!

  29. When you stop running, it makes me feel better...

    But I suppose I should be supportive...lol

    You can do it girl...Run NAP WARDEN...RUNNNN

    Dropping eight pounds...have you considered a colon cleanse (This is just a joke)


    The Egel Nest

  30. But then all the rest of us who use the I'm-a-mom-of-toddlers-that's-enough-exercise excuse will be put to shame!

    Best of luck!

  31. oh I feel ya! I just started conditioning again... after scraping my butt off the couch...

    My goal is to get one under my belt before 40 (only *EEK* 3.5 years to go!lol)

    Happy T13! (I think you'll find amusing!)


  32. Wow! Good luck to you. Sounds like you have a solid plan.

  33. Ugh. I HAVE to start running again too. The weather has been SO bad. Ice everywhere.
    I need to drop about 8 pounds too.
    Good luck to you! I'll be right behind you. :)

  34. If you need foodie help, I can help there.

    You go girl. I'm almost motivated by you. Almost.

  35. Just do it! I like that one. I admire people that run marathons. The discipline and training are wonderful for all of us. Much luck to you on this endeavor.

  36. The only time I run is if someone is chasing me.

  37. I've never quite found that love for running -- I jog from time to time, but it's not something I crave, ha! Good luck to you in your quest! Happy TT!!

  38. You are my hero! I wish you luck!

  39. wow. Good for you! Awesome!
    I need to start exercising again, but I'm waiting for spring to arrive... ;)

  40. I am so with you. I was doing soo good towards the beginning of the year. Even the weather was cooperating but lately I have slacked and I have a long ways to go to get myself ready. Good tips, let's hope we can get ourselves in gear soon!


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