LOST and the Lipstick Jungle

Let me start by saying, I know the show is ridiculous. That said, I'm really diggin' Lipstick Jungle. I know it's trash...As if it's so hard having a billionaire boyfriend who not only moves you into his mansion, but also stocks your closet with Prada! I'm in...Poor Victory Ford is soooo tortured by this. Gimme a break. I love, love, love their wardrobe. Oh how I wishe I dressed like this...fabulous!
Look at those boots! I would kill to wear them...but you see, I chase after two toddlers all day. Let me say that I don't see any Moms in the park stylin' like this. On a good day, I look more like this. Seriously, do any of my SAHM's out there dress for the day? I mean, I am lucky to get a shower. Oh to wear actual outfits *sigh*. Is it me? Are you guys stylin' and then talking about me behind my back? "Did you see Nap Warden today...I can't believe she was wearing that. It looks like she just rolled out of bed." OK, I admit it, I'm losing it, but really I look like I am a trainer every day:)

On the LOST front. I have to re watch it. I kept one eye on the TV, while the in laws were over. I got most of it. What was up with the lady who jumped off the boat? Way to slap Juliet Sun!!! Oh man, I wanted her to whack her again. I 'bout died when Juliet told Jin about the other man, b*tch! I suppose you had to be living in a hole not to think it was Michael who was Ben's contact on the boat (I called it), but where's Walt? Jin, oh no Jin...you died, what happened? So what did I miss, did get the gist of it? What are you thinkin'? Next week looks awesome!!!


  1. I didn't read your LOST paragraph cause I am off to see today's show. Thank goodness for DVR.

    Lipstick Jungle? Hell, yah! I look like that EVERY single day.

    (serious sarcasm)

    My legs are so incredibly hairy today. It was either shaving the legs or washing my hair. :) The hair won.

  2. This is SO OFTEN a topic of conversation for me. I miss the day so coordinating belts and shoes.. and earrings and purses... and dresspants... oh dresspants!!! NOw I am lucky to have velvet jumpsuit on and my hair done!

    I do like this show.. but I even like Cashemere Mafia more!! hwo fabulous are THOSE ladies?? And a bit more believable if you ask me. Love this post!

  3. I like Lipstick Jungle...but I do have three episodes DVRd. By the time I get the kids to bed, I am almost too exhausted to watch it.

    I certainly don't dress like that, but I do manage some sort of getting dressed. I leave the house in my workout clothes to drop the kids off at preschool. They are at school until noon. I try to have those workout clothes changed before I pick them up!

  4. Okay, I admit it. Lipstick Jungle is my guilt pleasure. I wanted to dislike this show. I wanted to be up above it, but I can't help it. Those clothes! Those shoes! A gal-turned- housewife can dream, right?!

    This morning, I was just thinking about how much I miss wearing heels and something without Aquaphor stains.

    So, LOST tonight... If you DVR'd it, read no further.

    Yeah, Jin not making it. DEVASTATING! I hated how they played us like that with the past/future switcheroo. So aggravating. I think we all called it on Michael, but WHY????

  5. Dressing up for me on a regular day includes buttons on my shirt with my jeans.

  6. Wow - I would love to even wear your trainer clothes each day! I have about 4 pairs of shorts/cargo pants that fit - either too loose (still wearing some maternity shorts from 14 months ago!), or too tight. And a pile of singlets / t-shirts that are slowly getting more shapeless, stained and generally disreputable.

    Even my underwear is from years ago!

    Can somebody nominate me for a makeover... PLEASE!!! LOL.

  7. i don't get to shower every day. and...my legs could grow dreadlocks...seriously!!
    but...i can't leave my house without looking put together...at least slightly!!
    like...a touch of make-up and jeans without holes in them!!

  8. Lost: Ok a couple of things. When Hurley showed up at Sun's and asked if anyone else was coming, why was he happy when she said No. I thought that was odd.

    Also, someone was saying how the whole plane had been staged to look like everyone had died. I'm wondering if the tombstone for Jin wasn't real. Sun misses him because he's still on the island?

    Did Michael recognize his friends from the island?

  9. I have a week's worth of shorts and t-shirt uniforms!

    We don't have Lipstick Jungle here yet but it sounds like another addictive show.

  10. there are many days that I look around and wonder if Stacy and Clinton from What Not to Wear are going to jump out and tell me I dress terrible... comfort is key when chasing a toddler (or 2)

  11. I'm hooked on Lipstick Jungle too. It's mindless entertainment. And a shirtless Kirby isn't bad either. ;)

    Oh hell yeah! I loved the Juliet slap and she so deserved it. Sun should have smacked the other cheek too. As for the chick jumping off the boat, they better explain it and not leave it as another unanswered question. I called Jin's death weeks ago because the actor who plays him got arrested for DUI. It's a curse!

  12. I have eto re-watch Lost, too. The only time I get to watch TV is in the mornings when I'm getting dressed. I learned that it is very hard to put on mascara while reading subtitles, and will generally result in having no frackin' idea what Sun and Jin are talking about.

    At least this episode was back on track. Last week's SUCKED.

  13. I always look like a slovenly mess, it's gotten out of hand! My son now gets mad if my hair is NOT in a ponytail b/c he doesn't recognize me!

    As for Lipstick Jungle, I can't watch it anymore. I can't believe she dumped the billionaire!

  14. Once again, haven't watched Lost this week. And I have no idea about the others how. BUT. I totally dress like that when I'm not going anywhere important. I like to keep up appearances, but honestly, when you're at home or running to the grocery, a cute sweatsuit or yoga pants are perfectly acceptable, in my humble opinion.

  15. I feel made up when I wear jeans. I dress just like you. And, without any makeup. I know I scream MOM, but if I'm only going to the grocery, why do I need to look designer?

  16. lovinh lipstick jungle
    sweats, hair up is my norm. i am lucky if i have jeans and a nice shirt on twice in a week.

  17. I called it on Michael too! I love it when I'm right! And I seriously coulda slapped Juliet myself and why does Jin have to die? I LOVE him!
    Ponytail, t-shirt, jeans and flip flops. That's my daily wardrobe, and ain't nothing wrong with it!

  18. I am so lost on Lost! I had to call DIL from my hotel room to try to figure out what is going on! I can't believe they are going to kill Jin off, I bet it's the FIL!!!!!

    the mini horse show is GREAT! I want one but I already have five at home to feed! Went to a breeding farm yesterday and saw lots of babies!

    Home on Tuesday.

  19. I have everyone of the LJ recorded. I'm plopping in front of the tube to watch at least a few tonight.

    I have to wait until this season of Lost comes out on DVD--I'm way too impatient . . .

    Um, I have about a dozen pairs of sweatpants, three dozen t-shirts, and a pile of hair clippies--welcome to my daily wardrobe!

  20. Funny post.

    I really like Lipstick Jungle (mostly because of Niko's boy toy) and a compete lack of new programming. And Lipstick did kick Cashmere Mafia's arse.

    And yes, of course, I'm always decked out in Prada at the park. You're not?!

    Your blog is great. Love your header.

  21. I am all over Lipstick Jungle!!!! Every Friday morning I am on that tredmill watching! Glad to know I am not alone.

  22. I'm lost on lost - but I must say that outfit? I consider THAT dressing up! :)

  23. I love Lipstick Jungle. I do. I thought I was the only one.

  24. I don't chase toddlers anymore but I still go for comfort. Screw Clinton and Staci!

    And I saw Jin biting it cuz he got a DUI. Everyone who gets one gets killed off.
    Is it possible they are all time traveling?


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