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There are a lot of things rattling around in my head. I figure if I blog them out, maybe they will go away. At least maybe I can get some other opinions on my thoughts. Then they can rattle around in your brains for a while...I keep thinking about Ryan Shay. You know, maybe you don't...28 year old Olympic Marathon hopeful. This guy was supposed to qualify for the Beijing Olympics at the NY marathon this weekend, instead he dies at mile 5 1/2. I don't understand the explanation, all I have read so far is that he had an enlarged heart. How does that kill a career runner? Something like this always brings me around to...should I still be pursuing Boston now that I have children? I always come to the same answer...Yes, but do it responsibly. I am going to get a full checkup from my doctor before I start really training. Right now, I am focusing on eating better and weight training...just trying to generally get in good shape. When I start to really put down miles, I have decided to run with a heart monitor, responsible way to go. For now, I am going to keep after my running dream... This one ugh! Has any one else heard this one? Lance Armstrong is/was in NY this weekend for the Marathon. He hooked up with/is seeing Ashley Olsen! Can this possibly be true?!? Is Lance Armstrong dating an Olsen twin? My brain can not process this...isn't she like half the age of Sheryl Crow??? I want to like Lance, I really do, but every time I turn around, it seems he's doing something that makes me think he ain't that great...No, I can't process them as a couple. Is it only a matter of time before I see "Lashley" or "Armsen" or "Olstrong" on the cover of People. My brain keeps chanting...not a couple, not a couple, not a couple...
Why is it so friggin' hard for me to catch up on memes and awards??? I have about a billion of them to do...I'm sure everyone would love'em since so many of us are doing NaBlahBlahBlah...Yet I am having a complete block on doing them...I just have to get it in gear. This week, I promise. Does anyone else have this problem...
Is blogging an addiction, a hobby, a habit...Seriously, right now the babies are sleeping (thank God for nap time) and the place looks like a bomb went off. Am I cleaning...No. I am blogging. I can think of about a million other things I should be doing (taking a nap myself), and yet, I am blogging. Do I need to see a help group for this???


  1. We all need help. And I had visions of checking out new blogs from NaBlolalalalala but now that there are over 4000 signed up I'm too overwhelmed.

  2. Dude, I just puked in my mouth a little when I read that about "Olstrong".. OMG, it's just so not right.

    I think you are right to go about your Boston dream the healthy way. Best wishes in that, dear!

    As for blogging. Addiction. Pure and simple. Addiction.

  3. Yeah, I have a blogging problem also. And the Lance/Ashley thing, BARF!! But at least they give us blogging fodder.

  4. New giveaway at my site this week - come check it out! Thanks!

  5. Ashley Olson - seriously? Please tell me he is just a friend of the family or something.....

  6. as far as blogging addiction goes, I say what's the stinkin' difference between this and all that journaling everyone says is so good for you. The only difference is we get to read everyone else's journal in the process.

    And if it is an addiction, so be it. I don't really give a flip at this point. Chores are overrated.

  7. I did not hear about this guy...that is SOOOO sad...there must have been some other underlying cause...its kinda scary.

  8. I'm w/SAM. Yucky Lance. I can't like him. And, I don't know that I really want to. He ditched his wife. And, she is 21. That's disgusting!!

    Housework? What's that??

  9. I too am an addict! I also spend the precious nap time hours blogging/surfing away while my house falls in around me and laundry goes unwashed. I must step away from the computer.....and then I come back! :)

    Lance and Ashley is so wrong. Did we ever find out why he and Sheryl broke up?


  10. Love Love Love your posts!!
    I got here from Cecily! And yes I think it's weird about Oldstrong! Weird and weirder...isn't she still wearing diapers.
    I promise to lurke no longer and just comment. You're a too cute Momma.


  11. Thanks for swinging my way today!

    Your blog is fantastic, really superb! I've added you to my Blogs of Love! :) Good luck to you as well!


  12. Sounds like you have thought the running thing through. Good For you. :)

    and if lance is dating an olsen twin....he is dead to me....dead.to.me!!!!

  13. Guilty. There's a zillion other things I SHOULD be doing, and I am blogging. I keep telling my husband...it really IS cheaper than therapy! Yikes - Lance and Ashley - I don't think so...no way!

  14. I know! I feel the same way about Lance. SAM- I puked a little in my mouth too when I heard that. It just unforntunate (shakes head), just so unfortunate.


  15. It's an addiction. I'm convinced.

    Lance is a shit. I just have a feeling...

  16. 1. Yes, it is an addiction. If you start a support group, I'll join...but only if it requires me to be on the computer :)!

    2. The lance/olsen thing is creepy.

  17. The pairing of Lashley is at least as creepy as that pairing of the dog with the human head in Invasion of the Body Snatchers. At least.

  18. ya i was shocked when i heard that ashley and lance are "dating"...i dont understand it but whatever hollywood never makes sence but all we know it could be a rumor

  19. I say pursue your running dream but do it responsibly with a full check as you mentioned.
    So sad that young man died like that.
    Blogging is all of the above LOL

  20. We are totally in the same space this week.

    Personally, Memes don't feel like "real" content. So I try to stay away from that. I already have enough fluff as it is. HA!

    But, you don't want to offend the person who tagged you, either! I would say, just do the ones that you really like. Ones that are weird or too involved, eh...chuck 'em.

    I've got three or four on deck that I may never do...oops.

    Good thinking on the marathoning. Safe & smart wins the race!

  21. I know, right? I'm totally addicted too. I could be taking a nice little nap right now..something I would have given a lung for two years ago...but no, I'm catching up on all my blog reading. I can tell that I've gone a little overboard with the sponsored posts, so now I'm planning to try and redeem myself. I feel like such a sellout!! LOL
    Yes, the Ashley Olsen things is disturbing....but nothing surprises me anymore!
    BTW: I missed ER this week. Who did Abbey sleep with? What new guy? And yes, that's more lame than when she was going to hit the bottle again....


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