I Like Dreamin'

Did anyone catch the CMA's (Country Music Awards) Wed. night? I love country music...Oh, I feel it's time to share another little known fact about the Nap Warden...I don't know if you know, I was born and raised in the boondocks. I grew up goin' down to the crick to catch crawdads, having dirt clod fights, and throwing cow pies. Yep, this city chick is also a hick. Not to be confused with a hillbilly, I am definitely a hick. I can't explain why, but in growing up country, I have always loved country music. I remember going to county fairs where Alabama was playing, or Conway Twitty, or The Oakridge Boys (Dad took bro & sis to see the show, I was to young...pllllt!). Now, the bro hates country music...I don't know why, it didn't stick with him.
I spent a good twelve years of my life in the city trading stocks. If I wasn't trading, I was playing my guitar. There has always been a little piece of me that wanted to be a country singer. Watching the CMA's last night reminded me of that. I suppose being a country singer is one of those pipe dreams that was based nowhere in reality, kinda like every little boy wanting to be a baseball player...The problem with my little dream is that while I love singing and playing my guitar, I hated performing...ack! I did a few open mic's around the city, whew...talk about nerves! Definitely not me. There was always a part of me that thought I might just retire from trading, pack the guitar, move to Vail (hi Janet), and be an apres ski singer in a bar...That's more my speed. I loves me country music, I loves me George Straight, and for now I'll put my little CMA singer dreams right here with some Photoshop of course, on my little blog...and enjoy my imaginary moment on the CMA's...What about you all...any pipe dreams out there? Or am I alone in my insanity;)


  1. Wow, I wouldn't have guessed you were a country fan. I like some country (like Tim McHottie). But that shot of you was perfect!

    My pipe dream was to marry a billionaire. Didn't. happen. :)

  2. I always just wanted to be a Mom and married to Steven...so I guess i'm living my dream. I guess I always dreamed that we had a lot more money tho...lol
    The song 'where the green grass grows' makes me still get butterflies because I always thought of Steven when I heard that song..
    Someday we will live on at least 5 acres with horses and dogs!! Awww...dreams!!


  3. I guess whenever I see a hot shot executive and I think, "wow, I could have been her one day... if only I hadn't quit my JOB!!!"

    C'est La Vie, eh?

    I guess I could go back, but I'm having too much fun... Another life, another time, eh?

    Oh, and that marrying a billionaire, too. Where do I sign up for that?

  4. I have always liked older country...the newer stuff I can't quite get into..although I do enjoy Carrie Underwood...

    But I am an old school Reba & Trisha Yearwood fan...along with George Strait and Travis Tritt...

    Don't tell anyone...They might revoke my Judaism status...

    The Egel Nest

  5. I'm a Nap Warden's Daughter could be the first album. That was a great picture. I can't wait to buy your CD's in Wal-Mart.

    Oak Ridge Boys. This was a flash back

  6. Yay for you & your pipe dream being realized via the computer's ability to crop pictures!

    My pipe dreams are either to go back to school & become an attorney, and/or, to get my PhD and be a history professor.

  7. I think everybody has some pipe dreams. I can't think of any that seem worth sharing though!

  8. Weeww heeww! Now that's a sex-ay country and western star!



  9. My pipe dream was to be married to Dave Matthews. Little problem. I was already married and so was he. :D

  10. OMG, you are SO HAWT!!

    Of course, I have the singing/acting/dancing Star fantasy. You are not alone.

    I like Carrie Underwood (saw her on the show), Shania, and Patsy Cline, Willie Nelson. More mainstream stuff I guess.

    My dad had this tape that said, "Twitty, Conway." So I thought that the artist's name was Twitty Conway. I said something about it years later, and my mom was all, "It's Conway TWITTY." LOL

  11. Go check out my review on the CMA's! I really love watching them!! Country actually makes me happy!

  12. I always wanted to be a dancer...guess that's why I love Dancing with the Stars so much!

  13. I'm from Texas, ya'll so country music is a given.

    I really enjoy your blog.

  14. Another country music fan here!

    I love your picture! :)

  15. Hee hee, you are so funny!

    What's the difference between a hick and a hillbilly?

  16. I love old school country. You know I grew up in the boonies, too! I don't listen to much country any more, but every once in a while an old Hank Williams Jr. or Merle Haggard song will get me goin'. ;)

  17. I'm not a singer. I'd hate to put anyone through that nightmare, but I love the stage and was so excited when I got to stand on the stage in NYC during a CATS performance. It was during intermission, but it was still Broadway.

  18. I like some country, some I can't tolerate. Unfortunate as I live in Music City. I can actually walk across the street from my office to The Country Music Hall 'O Fame. I've seen lots of country stars over the years (and probably a lot I did not recognize). And now we see Nicole Kidman cause she actually lives here, which I find nearly unbelievable.
    Pipe dream? I think movies. Movies would be fun. I would not have been Nicole or Halle though, I'd have been more of a Laura Linney or Toni Collette.

  19. I found myself another girl that loves country. Yay! People are shocked when they pass by my desk and here the country music coming from my desk. I think the closest I would ever come to a music career is karaoke. My big dream has always been to become a dancer. I love music and dancing but I would love to have been trained since a young age. I am still young, right? You are never too old to learn something new.


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