That Can Not Be Me!

Gaaaahhhh! What a morning! One year baby appointment today and top it off with flu shots for the team. It never ceases to amaze me how hard it is for me to get the babies dressed, packed up, and downtown for the doctor. I always wish Husband could go with me, it seems he always has to work. I wrestle them in the car, downtown, out of the car...When everyone is good and cranky, they lock us all up in a tiny room and make us wait. Does every doctor do this or is it just mine? It is so hard to keep two little toddlers from tearing that itty bitty room apart! There is a mirror along the wall in the shoebox room, and I caught a good look at myself...not happy. Is that me? Is that what I look like? I look exhausted!!! I feel exhausted!!! Good God girl, where has your makeup gone? I seriously need to find time to put makeup on (yeah, like that is going to happen). How do I stop myself from looking like death warmed over?!?...


  1. Oh yeah, I'm feeling your pain. And like you said, to top it all off, the wait. The dreaded wait.

    Glad it's over!

  2. Oh My God I totally relate. I was in Younkers this weekend with my mom- I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. Holy crap. Old jeans and my husbands ISU sweatshirt, hair in a pony tail and dark circles under my eyes. I looked like hell. How did they let me out of the house like that?? ;)


  3. Let me tell you, every doctor does it, in every country.

    And don't worry about the mirror - every doctor in every country has a `special' mirror there that makes parents look wan and tired.

    Straighten up your back and feel the power!

    So proud to see the award you just got from Hootin Annie - did you see that!!

    Take care now ....

  4. Hi NW:

    I, too, feel your pain!

    Even though it's a long time ago for me, I remember all the schlepping to the doctor, etc.

    Motherhood IS exhausting. There is No Two Ways About It!!

    Just somehow, sometime, eek yourself out a little time and space, where you can rest, relax, revive, in whatever way feels best to you.

    Hang in there! It is well worth it, but hard!!!


  5. NW -

    This is what I love about blogging. I really don't see you...I feel you through your words and stories.

    So, one thing you can certainly do is KNOW that we love you for your inside and not worry so much about your outward appearance... :)

    As far as the doctor, it is like that for all of us...

    We all have those days...hang in there...

    The Egel Nest

  6. oh, i know what that's all about! i've got two toddler boys under the age of 2.5....13 months apart in age. yikes. i'm lucky that my hubby's boss is really family-oriented, and doesn't mind him taking off for their appointments, otherwise i don't know what i would do. it's hard enough for the two of us the wrangle the boys in that "showbox room" you speak of (our doctor does the same thing...sometimes we're waiting for 30 minutes or more!), i don't know if i could do it on my own!

    oh...and i've been a SAHM for almost 2.5 years now, and makeup has pretty much gone out the window here! ;-)

  7. my kids doc does that too! I think they are secretly filming in there so they can laugh about the chaos and stress later!

  8. You know, I get why they have the mirror, but seriously! Why does it have to be right there where you're staring yourself in the face the whole time?! Honestly! I think it is a conspiracy--the doctors and maybe the cosmetic companies? Or Clairol? I always seem to notice more grays in the flourescent lights of his office than I do anywhere else. Good thing my son's doc is not all that attractive, you know what I mean?

  9. I was forgotten once with toddler twins in the little doctor's examining room once. I worked so hard to keep them quiet they forgot about us for over an hour.

    Over. An. Hour.

    The office still talks about it 5 years later.

    Glad it is over for you.

  10. I hear ya! I feel like I always look the worst when we go to see the doctor.
    I seem to never be showered, in sweat pants -- just gross.

    I hear all these moms talk about their husband's going to the appts too, and how they have to have their man do the shots with the kid, I'm like, for reals??? I do all that BY MYSELF. Oy.

    Luckily I've just got the one to contend with -- I can only imagine how much harder it is with two!

  11. Ugh, I have 4 wks til I get to go thru the same thing! Let me know how it turns out!

  12. These days, if I managed to get a shower and get clean clothes on before I ran out the door, I am usually thrilled.

  13. Taking children to the doctor is never fun..usually, everyone ends up more exhausted after it is over..especially the parent. I have Max's immunizations coming up soon, I am so dreading it...I may have to twist the hubsters arm, make him do it.

  14. I completely relate. Our doctor makes us wait several times each visit. We're usually there for at the very least, an hour. They also leave only 2 torn up books as entertainment. Oh how I dread the doctor.

    I find myself avoiding mirrors. That reflection CANNOT be me. Cannot.

  15. Sorry for all the comments! I don't usually, but you have some great posts that I can totally relate to!

    I loved that line about locking us all up in a tiny room. I hate going to the dr. I have 4 children and that's such a drag.


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