Scenes From the Park

Better day today! Loaded the team in the stroller and headed through the park for Mommy Bootcamp (workout group for moms with strollers). On our way through the park I faintly hear the theme from The Greatest American Hero. Now, if you are a Gen X-er (which I am) you must remember that ridiculously fabulous show, right?
Believe it or not, I'm walkin' on air.
I never thought I could feel so free-ee-ee!
Flyin' away on a wing and a prayer...
Who could it be?
Believe it or not it's just me.
(I could sing the rest of the song, but I will spare you.) This just keeps getting louder and louder. We get to the tunnel, and out comes a teacher and about ten three year olds chanting the song. I see this group quite often in the park. They are from a preschool which costs more money than any college I attended...but they are cute nonetheless. They went their way, and we went ours. Now of course I have picked up the song and it has been in my head ever since....
Looks like the light of a new day.
Hit me from out of the blue.
Wakin' me out of the spell I was in.
Makin' all of my wishes come true...
Dah dah dah dah da, da da da da da Dah...
Now I have passed it on to you. Good luck getting that out of your heads;) This would make a hilarious Halloween costume for a guy BTW!!! While we are on the subject...In the superhero obsessed television world we are in, why haven't the TV Gods resurrected a remake of this show? Would I watch??? Totally!!!


  1. Yes, that is my chicken scratch drawing of the scene...I didn't have my camera and I wanted you's to have a visual!

  2. This was one of my FAVORITE shows on television...and the song is still one of the best theme songs ever!

    Being the music geek that I am...I know that the theme for that show was written by Stephen Beyer...he also wrote the theme songs for Hardcastle & Mccormick, The A Team, & Blossom!

    There was one episode where this alien was chasing him in the sewers that still freaks me out to this day...

    Great show and great memory..Thanks NW!

  3. It worked - the tune is embedded in my head now!!!

    I enjoyed the artwork, too!!!

    Any design element is so crucial for a blogpost - just as it is for newspapers and magazines.

  4. Rats!!! Now I have that song stuck in my head. AAAAGH!

  5. you're hilarious!

    Thanks for the visuals! It must have been great to see in person.

  6. The last thing I would have expected!

    Hilarious as usually NW.


  7. well ive never heard this so i guess i cant say the song will be in my head

  8. Love the little graphic of the kids tethered together.

  9. I love the drawing! And what an appropriate song too---I always feel so free when I have the kids (s)trapped in the stroller and I can get out for some exercise. maybe I'll get myself a cap and red, curly wig? :) (because I totally watched that show too!!)


  10. I thought I had heard that they WERE bringing this show back (maybe a movie?)... perhaps it was a dream, the brain just isn't working as well as it used to. That was a cool show! ...AND a cool song, I don't mind it being in my head! :)

  11. i think i had a man crush on him when i was a teen. *blush*

    and the drawing? wow - what talent!

  12. I totally love that song!!! I don't remember much of the show as I had a way early bedtime.

    Beem reading you for a while - I'm trying to de-lurk.

  13. Hub said he thought they should make it into a movie & have Will Ferrel the the hero. It was his very favorite show. I only remember the theme song, but great flashback.

  14. Oh my gosh! I loved that show, and that song has stuck with me when even the time's of my children's births have somehow left my brain.

    I do have my priorities, no matter how sub-conscious.

  15. i used to watch that song all the time! man...that was a loooong time ago! you've got me singing it!

  16. I loved this show. In Hight School, our choir did the song for an assembly and one of the boys ran up the aisle and jumped and slid across the stage on his belly. It was hilarious.

    I love the title of your blog. I will be back...


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