Oh Paleeeeeze!

OK, since I haven't found anybody else bloggin' Grey's Anatomy, I'm doin' it myself! Yes, myself! Come'on writers of this show!!! Come'on! I just have such a hard time believing that what'sherface...what's her name???? Merideth, that's it, Merideth has McDreamy (remembered his name) saying he loves her, wants to marry her, have kids with her, and grow old with her...and she can't handle it right now!?! Get over it girl cause McHotty ain't stayin' on the market long. I personally don't think, ponytail girl, you are hot enough for him! Just throw McDreamy another chick, cause I am sick, yes sick of the Merideth not ready for McDreamy love storyline! Done, done, done! I mean look at this dude...Hotty McHot, hot, hot. He ain't waitin' around for Merideth!!! Moving on...The whole Izzy, Torrez, O'malley love triangle why? Why did you have to go there? I would rather have Izzy in love with the ghost of Denny *oh Denny*...I loved the Izzy Denny story, and you had to go and kill him off, boo hiss! Now bring him back as a ghost, you did it once, you can do it again. I don't want Izzy and George to be a couple...I'm not even rooting for them. Given the choice, I'd rather see her with Alex...I liked the direction you were going after Denny with Alex, then you toss George into the ring! In the words of Homer Simpson, Doh! What are you doin' to me??? I don't know how you are going to fix it, just fix it!!! I want it fixed, and I want it now...So get on it OK!!!


  1. I'm thinking Meredith's sister is going to get McDreamy. It would be so wrong... BUT it seems something they would do.

    ...AND I'd hate to say it, but I like George/Izzy. Although... I DON'T like that they made it into a whole love triangle thing. They might as well throw in McSteamy and Alex into the ring!

    Love this post... especially the eye candy!! :)

  2. NW -

    The beautiful wife got me watching this show during the Denny saga...and it was some of the best television I have ever seen...I don't cry much...especially at tv shows...when Denny died...and Izzy laid in bed with him in her prom dress...I cried with my wife...since then...the show has gone downhill..the writing is terrible and actually so outrageous and unbelievable the show has become almost unwatchable.

    The Egel Nest

  3. Yeah, I don't care for the Izzy/George combo. He doesn't seem to have any chemistry with his wife or with Izzy, wonder why? So far this season I have been pretty disappointed with the whole show.

  4. me me me! i blogged about it! :)

  5. I've *wanted* to blog about Grey's but I just haven't had it in me. I'm on episode behind (so I didn't see last night's) but I just think it's lacking something. I don't know what it is but if they keep giving Izzy the stupidest story lines in the world, I'm going to puke.

    Meredith is an asshole. How else can you describe someone who has effin' MCDREAMY and "isn't ready". Oh shut the badonkadonk up!

    George and Callie. There goes another marriage. Great, what we need more of on TV. Infidelity.

    I love Alex. I love what's-his-name, McDreamy's old best friend. I love Miranda.

    I can tolerate Christina. I think she's the only one on the show that isn't being given a crap storyline!

    Ugh. Ok, I essentially just blogged about it. Maybe this will give me what I need to officially blog about it later!?!?!

  6. I agree! I'm just sick of Meredith!!! She's not hot enough for him to be pining over...but anyway....

  7. Right on NW! I officially gave up on it 1 episode ago. It has become another form of ER.


  8. I agree! It's just their way of keeping us hooked to see if they ever "really" get together.

    The show has become a snooze fest. Bummer!

    workout mommy

  9. ok..I am still watching last season's on DVD...then I am going to catch up on ABC.com for this season...Wow...lot's of drama to look forward too.

  10. Oh...and yes, McDreamy is the epitome of male hotness.....MMMMmmmmmm....Merideth is not good enough for us.

  11. I mean for McDreamy! ok..I will stop now.

  12. I totally agree with everything you said. Come On GA writers! Spice it up a little! We Can Take IT!

    I am so sick of George McWhiney any way- he's such a little girl. Get On WITH IT AREADY! It's very frustrating!!


  13. Oh yeah! And Mer. is so friggin selfish- (as is Izzy!! don't even get me started) I can't even stand to watch her! (except of course I do.) They are all so dysfunctional- the only one with ANY sense is Cali- and they make her look like the bitch. ARGH.


    I'm done.

  14. Mmmmm, loved Dempsey since I was a kid!

  15. Oh yeah (drool) i will go on the show and jump him ;) JK I love my hubby but man is he ever so HOT!!!!!!
    I think Mer is just a blah person. He should hook up with umm whats her name the blonde the cute one. Yeah good times.

  16. It's so true... the show has jumped the shark in so many ways.

    Although McDreamy's speech had me right up until he said he'd wait, unless something better came along. Duh - either leave or stay. But really, that kinda threat? Blah.

    And the Izzy/George/Callie thing. Dumb. I just loved Alex's reaction. Good for him!

  17. I have officially tuned out. No more Grey's for me. And, I've been watching since epi 1. The whole thing is getting just pathetic. Meredith & McDreamy kaput with her sis about to make a move? That is just wrong, Shonda Rimes. NeVeR again. Not even for sex on a stick Patrick Dempsey.

  18. I totally agree with you on every point and I'm a long-time Grey's fan...I hope the writers get the message and spice it up. Soon. Seriously.

  19. Ya know what....I find myself yelling 'BUT HE'S MARRIED YOU IDIOT" and "OMG YOU'RE A FREAKING IDIOT GET FREAKING OVER IT" more than once at the show. But I still love it. i also want to slap alex for his reaction when izzie told him.

    And, fwiw, just read an interview on tv guide that says no way on earth are lexi and mcdreamy getting together, mcdreamy is too much of a stand up guy.

    I guess this is what keeps up watching eh? When I see mcdreamy I keep thinking of the 80s movie Cant Buy me Love ;)

  20. i'm not super thrilled with the direction this season has taken either...personally, i think Meredith is a whiny spoiled baby, and George and Izzy is just plain WRONG!

    cate - monkeysandmarbles.wordpress.com


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