I'm Bored...

I want to change my header, I want to add some photos, I want to put my face into a picture of the model wearing my Halloween costume, I want to change my font, I want to do an "image-adjustment" and a "crop" on the pony photo, I want to add a picture of my rockin' new jeans, I want, I want, I want my computer back!!! I wanted to show pics of Halloween costumes past (they are on my computer)...So, what's everyone else doing today? Please my friends in the blogosphere...entertain me...I'm bored! I miss my friend Photoshop, I think I'll write a country song about it...


  1. Dead photoshop, rockin' jeans and ponies. Hmm...I think the only thing missing is a pick-up truck and you got yerself one kick-ass country and western song!


  2. Please...no country songs! The world already has too many!

    I'm a GTWD (Go To Work Dad), I'm working today. How about getting out the camera and taking some pictures? Get creative. I take out my camera when I get bored.

  3. Brillant suggestion from "ohcaptians"!!

    That should get your mind off of the withdrawal shakes.

  4. I got some CRAZY photo-shoppin goin' on at my place.

    You were britney w/ the snake?Brilliant!

    I have my head on her performing that one on my blog, too!

    If you want to waste massive time...check it out!:)

  5. I think I'd die without my trusty PhotoShop pal.


    I will second, er, third ohcaptain's suggestion!


  6. oh noooooooooooo I would die without my photoshop....and I understand that type of BORED very well!
    I am not sure it is all that entertaining, but I have a post up with pics of my girl....I know you are shocked....teehee

  7. NW -

    Wah wah (need a tissue)...your photoshop doesn't work...so sad... lol

    you know some of us don't have your photoshop skills at all!!!

    I wept because I had no shoes...then i saw a man who had no feet...my dad always says that...it applies to your photoshop woes...lol

    When I get bored I get naked and run around the house...I suggest you do the same...and please take pictures for future posting...


    The Egel Nest

  8. Now, now Egel Nest, your mommy may be reading your postings here too?

  9. Hey if you get really desperate you could use the (pathetic) online versions. :)

  10. oh, i wish i could entertain ya babe...unfortunately my life is probably more boring than yours.

    the only exciting thing here is that my Zander is officially obsessed with his new tea set and fake food....crazy obsessed. to the point of asking if he can make tea again soon when we are putting him to bed. as soon as breakfast is done in the morning, he's right back to that damn tea set...he's so funny!

    if i have time, maybe i'll post a video to entertain you...it'll at least make you smile!

    cate - monkeysandmarbles.wordpress.com

  11. See? This is why I only learned rudimentary Photoshop skills (and then promptly forgot them).

    Um, you could clean your house if you're bored. No, wait, you can come and clean *my* house.

    Problem solved.

  12. Nap Warden's mom -

    She does read my comments on other blogs...but she also knows me...and knows my sense of humor :)

    She would expect me to be silly like that! :)

    The Egel Nest

  13. Hi NW!

    Don't cry! Things will be fine!!

    We love you just the way you are, photoshop or not!

    And to Nap Warden's Mom......Yes, I know all about Bradley's silliness........that's one of his most endearing qualities!

    Take care, everyone!


  14. I don't even have a header - I want one too! Now I have to pull out all those Halloween pictures from years past - cuz you reminded me I was thinking of doing that too. Sorry about your computer woes. See ya.

  15. I love your banner. But then I've had the same banner since I started my blog.


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