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I haven't been in the Works for Me Wed. game for a couple weeks. But, I have another installment of the I'm not a chef but I saw this on the Today Show recipes! Here's all you need...
-Boneless, skinless chicken breast
-Ziploc baggies
-olive oil
-rice krispies
This is so easy...I cut the chicken breast into strips (or you can just buy strips) then soak in olive oil. Then put a few handfuls of Rice Krispies into a Ziploc bag and mash it up (rolling a can over it makes it go faster). Then it's Shake-n-bake time (you know, put the strips in the bag and shake'em up). Place the strips in a pan and bake at 350 for about 20 min. I found recipe to be real easy, and real good. The best part is, my two year old loved it!!! Yeah!


  1. Sounds good to me too! So far my 3 year old has been unimpressed by my Chicken McNugget clone efforts.

  2. I'm passing this recipe on to Honey!

  3. I thought so to, but I tried it, it was good!

  4. easy! Gotta try it!

  5. Fun recipe. I bet my kids would love it. I can just see them helping. Here Pookie gets to put the rice krispies in the bag. G gets to mash them up. Bun gets to shake the bag. Wow what good helpers! Now let's bake them!

  6. I've got to try this! It sounds different and good!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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