Ode to Boots.

So, I know the X-mas season is already starting (way to early) by all of the catalogues we are getting. I made the mistake of opening one of the catalogues (I don't know why we get these, I never shop at these places). Love! I see these fabulous Frye boots...I think they are wonderful...until I see the price tag. What would you pay for these boots? One hundred, one fifty, maybe topping out at two hundred? Are there any more guesses? FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS!!! For four hundred dollars, these babies better be doing the laundry, or babysitting my kiddos! I just can't rationalize spending this much on boots...but I still want them! Bring it on...what do you want, that you are not going to buy??? Come on, you know you want it, what is it!?!?


  1. Hey NW -

    First ode to Joy...now an ode to Boats...

    400 dollars for a boat...that is a bargain...you can go sailing...take the kids out on the water...

    oh..wait...not boats...BOOTS!!!

    Okay...that is ridiculously expensive...save up for a boat :)

    The Egel Nest

  2. a cell phone...i kinda want the new chocolate one with the 4 gb memory chip in it that makes it an ipod...but i cant afford it for a while

  3. BAHAHAHA! I saw the title on my bloglines, and thought "self, she better not be talking about Boots the monkey and Dora!"

    $400??? Yeah- they better do chores!

    I want a laptop- maybe in March for my 35th!

  4. I could never spend that much on a pair of boots. My guilt would be everlasting. But they are cute!

  5. oh wow they rock. what's sad is i haven't worn hip boots since becoming a sahm. now all i wear is nike's.

    and what do i want? oh i'd love this new digital camera that i dream of. but it's $1000. :(

  6. Hahaha! Those are great boots. Any time I find something I love that's super expensive, I just tell myself what good taste I have. ;)

  7. HI NW, Those are nice boots, but not for that price, you could find something similar for much less.
    And, I like the face lift, it looks even better. Janet


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