Workout as you go!

I had Plain Jane Mom's post on my mind, and since it is Works for Me Wed., I thought I would let you in on my workout tips...I used to be a gym cat. When baby # 2 came along, it became clear to me that the gym was (for now) a distant memory, so we dropped our membership. Now I have come to the realization that even if you don't have large blocks of time to devote to working out (I don't), you can still work out in little spurts.

  • The best thing I ever did was buy an exercise ball. Anything I do that requires sitting, I replace the chair with the ball (ie. when I am feeding baby in highchair, I sit on the ball, or now when I am on the computer). Sitting on the ball forces you to work core muscles and stabilizer muscles...that is good. If you feel like getting more out of it, do some hip rocking. If you find you have more time, you can do a million stretches and exercises on it.
  • This one I am sure makes me look like a crazy person...who cares. When I have the babes in the stroller, I throw in 20 lunges every once in a while. Lunges are great, they work your thighs and glutes (butt). Anything to get back into pre-pregnancy jeans, right!
  • I read somewhere that the average craving lasts about 2 minutes. Whenever I find myself craving something, I drop and do some push-ups (this is only when I am at home) until the craving goes away. I wouldn't try this at the mall.
  • When I am on the floor playing with tots, I throw in about 20 bench presses. I use The Little Guy for weight. He loves it, although you do run the risk of getting drooled on!
These are just some ways I work exercise into my routine. I am sure if you look at your busy day, you can find some ways to work it into yours. Then, you don't have to go out and buy a machine and run the risk of everyone hanging clothes on it!


  1. Hey, glad to see you're playing along this week!

  2. I used to be an everyday presence at the YMCA until my kiddos - now they are my exercise!

  3. and what workouts would u suggest for a 19 yr old guy

  4. You rock...seriously!

    I have about 5 pounds to lose of pregnancy weight and my stomach needs some major work but I am so DARN LAZY. We are rejoining the YMCA, though (there is a new one about 2 miles from my house) this fall and I am going to get back on track. I can still squeeze into my pre prego clothes, so that contributes to my laziness. But my flabby flabalanche is not going any where.

    Awesome ideas!


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