A Question for Moms...or Dads.

Oh this kid at the playground made me so mad! Husband was at the barbecue area, and Peaches, the Little Man and I were right next door at the play area. I was pushing the Little Man in the swing, and Miss Peach was playing with an older boy (maybe 7 years old). He was mimicking everything she did, kind of making fun, but she was holding her own with him and I was right there watching so I let it go and just monitored. Then some of the boys younger friends came over and he got mean fast...He started calling her a "dumb baby" and saying "look at the dumb baby who has to wear diapers." I was over there in a flash, and this kid kept teasing her (she is 2). The other boys tried to pretend they were invisible, not this kid. I picked up my Peach and told her to go play with Daddy, which she did. She was completely oblivious to what was going on. I was surprised that the parents had no problem with their kid bullying a 2 year old. As we were leaving, I could hear this kid yelling "Hey look, there goes the dumb baby..."
I wanted to punch this young man! Quite frankly, I was caught a bit off guard by the whole thing...My question is...how would you have handled it? How should I have handled it? I didn't really know what to do, and I wasn't sure if I should have told this boy that this was not a way to treat anyone, and I didn't....Bottom line, what should I have done???


  1. Oh, man. That's a toughie!

    I probably would have said something to the bully and if his parent came by, I probably would have few choice words for them too...

    ...or I would revert back to grade school and be reduced to tears.

    I've never been in that situation before either.

  2. Did the parents hear what he was saying? We had a similar incident on Friday at a playground with one ofmy friend's ids. She did say something to the id, and the kid (about 7 years old) turned around and was rude to her.

  3. I can't believe his parents didn't say something. That is wrong!

    We had a similar type situation earlier this year. My oldest said bye to a little girl leaving the park with her mom and the girl slammed their car door shut and said "BABY!" The mom was busy talking to another mom and was oblivious to the whole thing. My daughter started bawling as they drove off...it was awful.

    The "good" news is you may never see this jerk kid. I would have had to say something to him...like "Hey, you know what she is a baby...so why don't you leave her alone and play with your buddies? Thanks!" And then I would have stood there.

    Of course I am the type to get flustered and then think of all the great things I should have done later on! ;)

    Good luck...don't let the mean boys pick on Miss Peach!


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