Another Fast Dinner...

It is Works For Me Wed., I have another easy recipe. I am not from a casserole family. So when my friend Steve made this, I loved it! Steve has a casserole Mom. It's good, it's fast, and the leftovers are yummy!
-12 or 16 oz of noodles
-2 cans of cream of mushroom soup
-3 cans of tuna
-Milk (I usually fill up both empty mushroom soup cans and add that much).
-16 oz of peas
- salt and pepper to taste
-a hand full of crunched up potato chips -- optional
All you do is cook the noodles and the peas, strain noodles, mix with peas, cream of mushroom soup,tuna, and two soup cans of milk. Simmer in a large pot until it thickens (usually about 15 min.) I like to add a bunch of potato chips on top 'cause it tastes good! There you go, quick, easy and makes a lot....for all I know, this recipe is on the back of a Campbell's can of mushroom soup...I don't know where Steve's Mom got it, I just know it is good!


  1. This is so my kind of recipe, and I just printed it!

    BTW, love your blog header! LOL!

  2. Mmm, tuna noodle casserole is yummy! I was actually thinking about making it soon but didn't have a recipe, thanks!

  3. Yum! Fall=casseroles and crockpot dishes in my home! Thanks for the recipe! My mom always made it with peas too--and lots of pepper!

  4. Hey sport, your mom used to do this...generally without peas though.
    Guess it did not make much of an impression back then.


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