Ladies and Gentlemen, I have seen it all. Today in the park, I saw a women carrying her dog in a BabyBjorn (baby front pouch)! I am not lying, I could not make this up. Crazy, crazy, crazy...It's not me right...this woman is crazy, right?!?


  1. My friends inherited a cat from their friend when said friend's allergic fiance moved in with her.

    The cat, I kid you not, likes to be carried in a baby bjorn-like device. Carrier came with kitty and my friends take her out strolling the streets of NY.


  2. Freaking crazy indeed. Our neighbor does this with her little dog too. She pushes her baby in the stroller and baby bjorns her little *yappy* dog.

    Apparently she doesn't notice the big exclamation point over my head when I see her.

  3. maybe you should try putting smokey in one??? if he needs to look more like a baby *remembers the picture of him in the bouncy chair*

  4. WOW, thats a great idea!! I have a bichon that would love that! where can i get this baby bjorn??


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