Just Another Day in Paradise....

What age is it that kiddos learn the technique of going stiff as a board? Miss Kate just turned two and along with that has come the most irrational, unpredictable, tantrumultuous behavior I have ever been a party to. Let's just look at a snapshot of my morning....
I seat Miss K in her big girl chair (recently she has been sitting at the table, having shed her highchair). I then go to the kitchen to get her breakfast. When I come around the corner, there is my little one standing in her chair. Well this is absolutely unacceptable. I say "Kate, you sit down this instant." sternly but not yelling. She then looks at me with a big grin and bellows "Nooooooo!". I was completely shocked! No! I don't think so....I then walk over to her chair prepared to manually seat her butt back in that chair. Suddenly my child was made out of wood. There was no bending this entity formerly known as my Sweet Little Peach! I went toe to toe with my toddler and eventually managed to wrestle her back to a seated position. I went back into the kitchen to get breakfast for Mr. Henry, only to come back to the table to find a certain youngster standing again in her chair...What!?! I am now in shock....So, I fetched a belt from the closet (relax)...After physically wrestling her back to a seated position, I tied the belt around the chair and Miss K. There will be no more standing at the table, thank you very much. She seemed to accept the fact that I had won this round and sat quite happily (oddly enough) and ate her raisin toast. There is no doubt in my mind that this is only the beginning of this saga.....
Where did she figure out that she could stiffen every muscle in her body? I swear we could go on the road as some kind of circus act..."The girl who doesn't bend and her mother who can twirl her like a baton" Now I know all of you reading this must be aware of the other side of this coin....If I am trying to get our Kate to go somewhere that she doesn't want to go, she goes as limp as a rag....Oh the woes of being a toddler...:)


  1. My son went through a year of this - also when he was 2 - whenever I put him in his carseat and he didn't want to go in the car. I think I'll try this when I don't feel like making dinner. I'm going to see if it works at 39.

  2. wow sounds like you had an eventful day


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