Age of Stupidity.

Yes, I watched Age of Love last night. It never lets me down on being just the stupidest show on television. Now allow me to get way to specific on just dumb dumb behavior (knowing full well how lame it is that I watch this show). Mark, did it ever occur to you that Amanda was sabotaging Jayanna? You have been totally digging Jayanna from the beginning! Now manipulative, drunk Amanda shows up in your tent in the middle of the night and tells you lies about what her biggest threat to her "said that hurt her feelings", and you believe her!?! Oh, Jayanna hurt poor little innocent Amanda's feelings...please send her away:..( Then, you dump Jayanna based on what possessive, drunk Amanda tells you!?! Did it ever occur to you that Amanda was playing you to get rid of Jayanna??? Ddduuuhhhh! I mean the person to get rid of is the one who took crazy crying girls place in the insane behavior department. I mean Marie, you are supposed to be the mature one. What was that freak out you had on Jen? That was just nutso! Fun to watch, but nutso!!! Congratulations, you have taken the crazy crying girls place in the nutty parade! I am so embarrassed that I watch this show. It is like cotton candy, I know it is bad for me....but it tastes so good and in the end, it ends up making me sick!


  1. oh my...why are you watching this it just sounds the analogy at the end though the whole cotton candy

  2. Ok, now you have me wanting to watch. You'll have to keep us posted.


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