Sleeping Beauty

I have been putting off mattress shopping for too long. Do you know what I've found? Mattress shopping doesn't have to be hard OR expensive.
I got a new mattress from Best Choice Products. This bed shipped straight to my door neatly packed in a box. All we had to do was open it up and let it expand for 48 hours.
Fully expanded, it is about 6 inches thick. It is SO comfortable!
There's memory foam on the bottom and then a gel topper for coolness.
 The only problem I've found with my new bed, is that EVERYONE wants to sleep on it.
Even Mr. Kitty.
I'm NEVER going back to spring mattresses again. EVER!

Go check out Best Choice Products. This is the bed. I've got my eye on the Eames dining chairs next. SO much to choose from! Happy shopping!

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