2018 Starting With A Bang On Netflix #StreamTeam

There is SO much to stream this month on Netflix! First, one of my favorite shows is back for season 4.
I have enjoyed this show from the beginning. You can check that out, here and here and here. LOVE!
Every time I watch the show I think, "I sat on that couch!"

Season 4 starts with Lily Tomlin living with her boyfriend and Jane's character has a new roomie. Brilliantly played by Lisa Kudrow. It is such a treat to see her back on TV.

Of course, I've binged the whole season and now I have to patiently wait for season 5.

I have been binging Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee ALL month. I downloaded a bunch of them to my iPad and binged it all the way down to The Miami Marathon AND all the way home.
 I can't help but wonder what car Jerry would pick if I was on the show ... Jerry cruises for coffee with Kevin Hart, Steve Martin, Jim Carrey, Sarah Jessica Parker, Julia Louis-Dreyfus ... the list is ENDLESS and EVERY episode is a gem. If you haven't tuned in to this on, grab a cup of coffee and get to binging!

I could not have been more thrilled for season 2 of Travelers. Eric McCormack plays a time traveling FBI agent who's team is trying to stop an apocalyptic future from happening.
I've binged this one too fast as well and I'm sitting here fingers crossed that a Season 3 is coming. It's fun, fast paced and fabulous!

I'm curious, what should my next binge be? I'm taking suggestions!

The Miami Marathon

It was not the race I wanted. After doing 9 marathons, I've come to the conclusion that you can't plan for everything. There's always something you can't control.
The Miami Marathon was a great race. It's a great course. As a first timer in Miami, it's a FANTASTIC city. I explored it for 4 days and I LOVED it. This will probably be the last time I train cold and run hot. I've done it twice now, and I just don't think you can prepare your body for Florida humidity, 75 degrees and sunny and the wind coming off the coast, in a 10 degree Chicago winter.
I knew by mile 10 that my body wasn't processing electrolytes. I was covered in salt from sweating and I didn't feel right. I have NEVER wanted to turn out at the half marathon mark SO much. I had another half to go and the wheels were coming off the wagon. At mile 15, I looked down at my hands. This is where I knew I was in trouble. They were swollen up. My fingers looked like hot dogs. This had never happened to me and I had no idea what to do. BUT, I didn't panic.

I said to myself ... "Look, you have never quit on a race and you're not quitting on this one." SO, I just broke it down mile by mile. At 16, I said, "OK, I'm coming for you mile 17." At mile 17, I focused on the 18 mile sign. One mile at a time, one step at a time. It wasn't fast ... and it wasn't pretty, but I never gave up. Is it crazy that I'm looking for a cold weather marathon to do in the next couple of months? I still have a good time in me, I just need the right conditions!

Sweetness, Family and Fun with Paddington 2

We were invited to a sneak peak of Paddington 2. I love reading the Paddington books to my kids and we were very excited to see our favorite little bear on the big screen. Paddington voiced by BEN WHISHAW in the family adventure "PADDINGTON 2," from Warner Bros. Pictures and STUDIOCANAL, in association with Anton Capital Entertainment S.C.A., a Warner Bros. Pictures release. It. Was. MAGICAL. If you love London, you MUST see this movie. Paddington finds a one of a kind pop up book that is the perfect gift for his Aunt Lucy. It's expensive so he works to earn the money to buy this special book. Everything is going his way until he shares the book with the film's villain, Phoenix Buchanan. (Wonderfully played by Hugh Grant) HUGH GRANT as Phoenix Buchanan in the family adventure "PADDINGTON 2," from Warner Bros. Pictures and STUDIOCANAL, in association with Anton Capital Entertainment S.C.A., a Warner Bros. Pictures release. It only takes a moment for Phoenix Buchanan to steal the pop up book and frame poor little Paddington for the crime. While the kids were sad to see our favorite bear go to prison, it doesn't take long for Paddington to transform the prison into a magical place filled with marmalade sandwiches and life long friends.

What I love about the direction of Paul King is the innocence and wonder from the book that comes through in the film. It has a sweetness that made the kids and I happy to enjoy the movie together. There were big belly laughs and exciting action scenes all the while knowing Paddington's family and friends were close at hand to help him out when he most needed them.

Take the family to see Paddington 2. It's as sweet as a marmalade sandwich!
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