Ringing In The New Year WIth Netflix! #StreamTeam

*As a member of the Stream Team, I do receive free Netflix, BUT all opinions are my own.
It's no secret I'm training for The Miami Marathon. With 4 weeks out, I only had to run 12 miles this weekend. It was BRUTAL. I've never put in miles in sub zero temps. Let me tell you what happens. Even if you layer up properly, which I did, you still have a lot to contend with.

First, my water froze. #Bummer Then my Clif Bloks froze. They were more like throat lozenges. SO I just sucked on them. THEN, thanks to the shady Apple update, my phone died in my pocket. Bottom line, everything froze and nothing worked.

I have NEVER been happier to get home, climb into bed with a cup of hot chocolate and a warm fuzzy blanket and binge Netflix.
I'm almost through The Crown season 2, which has been AMAZING. There is so much history I didn't know and I find it fascinating to watch. The costumes, the sets the acting, I love it all.

Once I finish that, I'll be queuing up season 2 of Travelers. I am so excited this show came back for a season 2 and I can't wait to dig into it!

It's in the single digits now. I am in for a cozy night of ringing in 2018 with Netflix. How are you ringing in the New Year?

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