The Defenders have SO MANY Gifts! #StreamTeam

What seems like a million years ago now, I binged Jessica Jones season 1. While patiently waiting for season 2, The Defenders popped up on Netflix. Starring among others Jessica Jones!
After binging all 8 episodes in under 2 days, I now have 3 other gifts waiting for me. (One which I am binging as I type #Daredevil.)

Here's the crazy part. I AM A HUGE MARVEL FAN. HUGE! How is it that I did not see Daredevil, Luke Cage AND The Iron Fist on Netflix? Like...really, how did this happen? Let's just break this down. With a nice chart provided by Netflix:
In The Defenders, all 4 of these crime fighting super humans find themselves in New York City up against The Hand. MAD props to Sigourney Weaver for being awesome!

I don't want to give ANYTHING away but I will tell you, I fell in love with Iron Fist, Daredevil and since Luke Cage had a brief part in Jessica Jones, I have NO excuse for having not watched it yet. He was AMAZING.

Here's the thing, Netflix must have recommended Daredevil to me a hundred times and I never listened. Don't be like me. When Netflix says, "Hey Netflix watcher, you'll like this." LISTEN to them. They are right. Rest assured, I won't make that mistake again ;)

*As a member of the Stream Team, I do receive free Netflix, BUT all opinions are my own.

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