Beauty and the Beast = PERFECTION!

I have a little trick when it comes to big motion pictures and opening weekend. If we can get to the first show in the morning downtown, we never have a problem getting a seat. No crowds, no rush no matter what the picture. The truth of the matter is, if I don't make it opening weekend, I usually don't make the show. Maggie and I were determined to make it to Beauty and the Beast and we are SO glad we did!
B and the B is EVERYTHING Disney thrives on. We are talking pure movie magic. The cast is perfection in every way. It amazes me Emma Watson is the little girl from the Harry Potter flicks. She plays a smart, confident, strong, self aware Belle. Really, is there anything she can't do? Luke Evans was a wicked Gaston and wonderful at it. Josh Gad as LeFou ... you can't look away from him. Remember Belle's father Maurice? He's that doughy, clownish tinkerer. Kevin Kline is sweet, sympathetic and truly lovable in the role.

 My favorite part of the movie is the castle staff. Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts all meticulously magnificent. Be Our Guest, which I expected to be a highlight did not disappoint. It was literally the reason we have Disney in our lives. I had read nothing leading up to the movie about who was cast as the castle staff and I'm not going to mention it here because when they turn back into people it is quite a treat to see who played who. BTW ... could I love Stanley Tucci any more?!

GO, see Beauty and the Beast and let me know what you think!

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