I Love My Hair!

I was heading to La Jolla for and event that I was covering social media for. I wanted a new hair style. Just a boost. Something fun. I think of La Jolla as where the beautiful people are. I think of my hair as kind of my superhero cape. Why not, right?

I went to my old salon...and they gave me the SAME. OLD. THING. Boo. Boring. PLUS, I spent a fortune on it. I knew it was time to change salons. I had heard of Salon 1800 and I called them up. "I need something new. I have long hair and I want it to stay long...I just want something new and fun and BAM with color. Can you do that?" I asked.

"You bet!" they exclaimed, and they scheduled me with Pedro.
How awesome is this place? I just love going here. That was the first time I met Pedro. He's been doing my hair for a year now. New, fun color whenever I go. I let him do what he wants, and I'm never disappointed.

Cut to last Saturday. He said, "I want you to try Olaplex. It will make your hair feel like silk." Since I never question Pedro, I bought it.
Um...Pedro did NOT lie. My hair LITERALLY feels like silk. I want to stress, this is NOT a sponsored post. Salon 1800 has no idea I'm posting this. Olaplex has no idea. I'm just sharing, because this product is just that awesome.

My understanding is that your salon does step No. 1 and No. 2 there, and you buy No. 3 and do it at home.
I rarely have time to actually get up and style my hair on the daily. Typically, I wash it twice a week, blow it out, and go. It's silky, EVERY. DAY. I can't stop touching it. SO soft.

Thanks Salon 1800, for introducing me to Pedro. Thanks Pedro, for introducing me to Olaplex.

Here's to MANY fabulous hair days!

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