Dr. Strange ... SWOON

I love me some Benedict Cumberbatch. Like ... LOVE. I finally got the chance to take the kiddos to see Dr. Strange.
Being a HUGE Marvel fan, the bar was set high. Rest assured, this movie did NOT disappoint! BC plays Dr Stephen Strange ... arrogant, condescending neurosurgeon who treats everyone like they are beneath him. Even while he was being unlikable ... I still liked him ;)

After a horrific car accident leaves his hands with 19 pins in them, he sets out to find "The Ancient One" in Kamar-Taj to help his body heal and resume his life as a surgeon.
Special effects are the star of the show for sure (See Cloak of Levitation above) it felt like Inception and Marvel collided for this screen spectacle. The kids loved it, I loved it. I highly recommend checking it out.

Do stay for the end. There's a GIANT peek at what's to come ... and I CAN'T WAIT!

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