LEGO Plus Netlix Equals LEGOtivity! #StreamTeam

The only thing that pulls my kids away from electronics is LEGOS. They love building.
My son is SUPER excited watching LEGO Bionicles now streaming on Netflix! It's perfect for spring break. They're building and watching, and creating. I am TOTALLY on board with that.
My daughter enjoyed LEGO Bionicles but WOW, did she tune in when I qued up LEGO Friends The Power Of Friendship!
Here's a building you see the sheepy that both of my kids build with? They find that if they keep the smaller pieces there, they don't slide off the table and it's easier to find them when they need 'em. SO...give that a try with your little builder if you want ;)
We're not on spring break yet in Chicago, but I'm going to rely on Netflix to curb the inevitable "I'm BORED" that will be coming!

Quick note, I am savoring EVERY MOMENT of House Of Cards. HUGE O.M.G. moments that I did not see coming! Have you binged it, or are you enjoying every moment like me?

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