I want the Oxblood Jacket!

Have you been watching Sleepy Hollow? I. Am. Obsessed! I'm also SUPER sad because there are only two episodes left, and then it is the long wait til next season. Poor. Me. (Insert big sad face here)

I did a little stalking of the jacket Abbie Mills wears on the show. SO cool.
How much do I love this jacket...let me count the ways...
It is from All Saints. This store, is where the cool kids shop. Everything in this store is spectacular. The problem, it also comes at a spectacular price. The Oxblood Jacket retails at $700. It is currently half off, which is almost doable in my world.
How could I not wander on down to All Saints on Michigan Avenue and try this bad boy on?!? Sadly for me, the smallest they had was a size 8. Just too big for this tiny mommy (that's what my kiddos call me) Honestly, I think I would have bought it had it been in my size...Then, I would have started fighting supernatural beings, and holding back the apocalypse. Just sayin'


  1. I do like that jacket. But even half off, I don't think I could ever pay that much for a jacket. My husband would be like, "WTF?"

    I love Sleepy Hollow! Great show.

    1. Did you see it last night? I did not see that coming!


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