Crazy Person

I signed up for Netflix. It just made sense. I cancelled HBO and all the cable extras, (including getting rid of the box in the basement hooked to a TV no one had even turned on in over a year). I saved a solid $65 a month...SCORE!
With that, I've been binge watching The Walking Dead. Between you and's great! My little Dell tablet, Netflix and I have become great friends. You'll also be uber impressed to know I figured out how to run the Netflix through the Nintendo Wii so that we can stream on our TV. I feel like I should get some sort of medal, or award for this.

Last night, I tortured husband with episode 11 and 12 from season 2. He only half watched while reading The New Yorker. Whatevs...I heart my zombies.

Cut to this morning, first thing:

Me: "How do you kill a zombie?"

Husband: "I know this one...give me a cut off it's head!"

Me: "Sort of, be more specific..."

Husband: "You bash it's brain in!"

Me: "Yes!"

Later that morning, I am sitting at the breakfast table reading on Flipboard about 14 ghost towns in the United States...

Me: "What happened to these towns?"

Husband: "No one lives in rural America anymore. Everyone moved to the cities."

Me: "Well, rural America is where we're heading in the Zombie Apocalypse. Big cities=lots of people=lots of zombies."

Husband: (Looks up from his paper for a moment, then continues to read the paper.) "I married a crazy person."

Are you a Netflixer...what are you binge watching?


  1. I first binge watch Rockford Files. Nostalgia. Then, my wife joined me in binge watching Breaking Bad. We are impatiently waiting for the last of season 5 to be released and finish that up. We've also recently completed the binge of Sons of Anarchy. So awesome. Our kids are ready to get rid of cable. We use Apple TV's in most of the house. They rock. I've also got a Roku, cool, but not nearly as easy to use. You can stream almost everything. If it weren't for Major League Baseball, I'd probably drop the broadcast entirely. Hope all is well! Been a long time since I commented here :)

    1. All is well! I love your avatar, glad you're still using it! How is Apple TV? I'm curious about it, but no nothing. I am a MacBook Pro, and iPhone user, so I love my Apple. What's the deal with Apple TV?

    2. If you have lots of Apple stuff, you'll love Apple TV. Not only does it stream content from Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and others, but it will allow you to play content from your devices on your TV. We absolutely love ours. It's used all the time. Best part, $99. - Plays all the music you ever bought on iTunes, movies, TV shows. I should write about this on my blog :-) Where's the keys for that?

  2. Yes! I'm a Netflixer! I LOVE Nexflix. We have a Roku in the living room and love it.


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