So...this went well.

My sister in law needed a photo of us. It's odd that as a blogger, I have a bah-jillion pictures of the kids...but literally NO pictures of myself.

I am never in pictures. Since we needed a quick family photo on the fly, I sat down and figured out the timer on my Nikon. While you can figure out the can't make the kiddos sit still and smile:/

Whatevs...I still love this picture :D


  1. Oh, it's totally perfection!

    And, this is the reason I started doing my Mommy and Me Monday make sure I'm in pictures. Of course, 9/10 of them are terrible, but at least one day, they'll know I was here, not just taking pictures!

    1. Mommy and Me posts are a GREAT idea! I should start doing that.

  2. Adorable picture. I feel the same way. I'm so picky about the pics I'm in, that there are far less of me. I think I will start changing the equation.

  3. You should delete this photo she was not having fun

  4. I am miss peach I am the one who commented above


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