Not the race I wanted...

...but it was the race I got.

It wasn't horrible, it just wasn't as good as my 20 miler. The 20 miler went. SO. WELL.

I hit mile 17, and I knew I had a blister on my toe the size of a grape. My abs hurt. Why did my abs hurt? I really thought I had done enough core...apparently, that was not the case:/

To top it off, the knee pain I hadn't had all season, came back. Thanks for nuthin'.

I kept telling myself..."keep moving forward", "keep moving forward". I was walking through the water stations at this point, but walking fast. The only way to get off this course was moving forward.

Dang it, by the end I was closer to a 13 min. mile than my 10 min. mile pace. I had gone out too fast, and I knew it. I clocked in a couple 9 min. miles, and I know better than that. I ran an awesome first half.

SO...I ran a 4:43. Not my best, not my worst. Do I want to do this again? I'm not sure...thinking perhaps a Disney run in my future...

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