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As I was running my 9 miles (we are now in the taper) down to Mariano's Lakeshore East for the final nutrition seminar before the Marathon, I was a little sad.
I'm coming to the end of this journey. I've really enjoyed all the early morning runs....even last week's 20 miler. (That's a long way to run ya'll!)
No matter how much I love Mariano's, and no matter how many stores they open...Mariano's Lakeshore East is a gem. The view from the patio at this store is something I will never get tired of. My son makes me promise that some day we will live down here...and I hope someday we will! It's just so cool and urban.
The folks at Mariano's were hard at work preparing tastings of some of the great recipes you'll find on their Mariano's Wellness page Marathon Nutrition Guide. We are now in the taper nutrition phase. Up to now, we have been fueling our bodies for the miles it runs…so, less mileage = less fuel needed. This is not a green light to begin skipping meals, but instead taper your nutrition:
  • Scale back on the portion sizes. 
  • Decrease the frequency of feedings such as eliminating that
    mid-morning snack, but don’t skip breakfast. 
  • Remain hydrated so the urine is clear to pale yellow. 
  • Gradually reduce intake of potentially dehydrating items –
    alcohol, caffeine, etc.
  • Manage your stress to avoid unconscious eating that might derail all your
    good intentions & hard work.
 Today, we were sampling the Lowfat Greek Yogurt Scones, and the Pumpkin Pie Smoothie. Both were extremely tasty! You can find the recipes in the Week 15 section of the Nutrition Training Program.
After two helpings of breakfast, I listened the last tips from Andrea Rudser-Rusin on race day preparation. Since I have been honing my pre race prep all summer, I think I'm on the right page on this. Eat what ever has been working for you all season before the race. Whatever meal, you have been eating before your long runs is what you should stick with for the Marathon.

I think I am as ready as I can be. My 20 miler went really well. That said, any way you slice it, adding another 6.2 miles to it is a big deal. I've done everything I can it's all about hoping the weather is my friend on race day. Gah...I'm nervous and excited...and I'll be really happy to see Mariano's at the finish line!

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