Yes. I am running the 2013 Chicago Marathon. No exclamation point at the end of that sentence for now. I haven't been running...until now.

Everyone says: "Oh Cindy, you'll be fine, you're in great shape."

Between you, me, and the blog, I am NOT in great shape. I've been working nonstop, which means sitting on my bootay on my computer. I haven't been running. at. all.

I'll be OK. I've been doing very easy three milers. I'm also trying to space out my runs, two days on, one day off. If it's a two day, I'll do one in the morning, and then the next day, late afternoon so my legs get to rest. I know they're short runs right now, but I just have to get my body back into the groove of running.

I'm also going to practice my selfies...I promise...there is a city behind all that fog;)

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