Schoolhouse Rock

Kiddos: "Mommy, did they have cartoons way back when you were a kid?"
Me: "Yes...they did have cartoons WAY back when I was a kid...only they were shown on Saturday mornings."
Kiddos: Mommy, what was your favorite cartoon?"
Me: (thinking a moment) "Actually, I liked the cartoons between the cartoons."
Kiddos: (furrowed brows) "Huh?"
Me: "Some smart people called Schoolhouse Rock, figured out a way to teach us, by making really fun, catchy cartoon music videos." "So, we watched them...and the next thing we knew, we could recite the Preamble to the Constitution, or we knew what a conjunction was, or what an adverb was, or what the Boston Tea Party was...sneaky folks those Schoolhouse Rockers."
Kiddos: "How did you feel when you figured out you were learning and watching cartoons?"
Me: (shaking fist in the air) "Darn you Schoolhouse Rock people for tricking us into learning...Darn you!""Wanna see one?"
Kiddos: "YES!!!"
Me: (pulling this up on my cell phone) "This was one of Mommy's favorites..."
They. Were. Mesmerized!


  1. I think I could still sing along with every School House Rock song. "Conjunction Junction what's your function.... " Loved those cartoons.

  2. I always liked "I'm just a bill, I'm sitting here on capitol hill. . . "

  3. We just watched Lolly's Adverbs and Conjunction Junction, too. Evan said they were "pretty good." :) High praise.


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