I'm Following

It seems like it's been a tough beginning of the year...for a lot of people.

In some ways it's been pretty good for me...in other ways, it's been kinda hard:/

When things get hard, I retreat to my TV. Which has been REALLY bad lately...

Enter The Following.


This is the BEST TV since LOST...and you KNOW I loved me some LOST.

I never thought I'd be in a position where I'd be thanking Kevin Bacon for saving TV...but here I am.

Anyone else watching???


  1. Thanks ! We get to see quite a few good shows down here at the bottom of the world, through the internet.
    So I will tell my husband about this one and see if we can get it.
    I like Kevin Bacon .. I never watched Lost :)

  2. We're Following, but I thought it has been just okay so far. We'll see.


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