I want this cat...

My Mom got a new puppy...Tucker. How cute is he?!?

Now then the kitty...his name is Stinky. Stinky only loves my mom.

Stinky was rescued by my nephew. Some horrible kids were slamming poor kitty in a mailbox. (makes me so mad) Mr. Nephew, grabbed poor kitty, and wagged his finger at the mean kids.

Whenever anyone rescues an animal, it inevitably ends up at my mom's. Little kitty was pretty much on his last legs. The vet told her he had worms and wasn't going to make it. SO sad:(

Mom tried anyway. Little Stinky proceeded to have some unsavory emissions (if you know what I mean) for over a month. She never gave up on Stinky...and I will tell you what...this cat knows it.

Now he's a fat happy cat who chases mice all over the farm. While I want big ole Stinky...there's only one person he wants to live with...my mom;)

...but I got my eye on him...


  1. What an amazing looking cat ! The color and all that hair ! I don't blame you for wanting him.
    Tucker is pretty darn adorable too !

  2. Love this picture. Glad to see he's been doing a lot better...something I've definitely noticed when I first found him.

    Mr. Nephew


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