I spent the day building the hardest site I've ever had to build. By now, most of you must know that one of us was affected by the tragedy at Sandy Hook. Vdog lost her lovely little nephew. This little boy was almost exactly the same age as my Little Man. I am honored to have helped in a small way by building a site to remember their Little Man.
I read all the posts, and looked through all the pictures of this beautiful little boy. SO hard.

I can't wrap my head around what happened at Sandy Hook. I don't think any of us ever will.

Go to Noah's Ark of Hope site and meet this sweet little fella who was taken all too soon, if you can help, do...if not...say a kind word to Vdog and her family.


  1. What a lovely site you created for this family. I'm wiping the tears from my eyes now... it is so heart breaking.

  2. Words fail me every time I try to say something about this horrible day and the horrible loss ..
    God bless those babies and their families and all of us who need to make this a better world.


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