I love me some Halloween. Even though I've become somewhat of a wimp since the kiddos came along, I do still love me some scary movies.

I'll admit it right here and now. I watched Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter on Video on Demand. Seemed like an appropriate choice for a Chicago girl on Halloween weekend. Yes, it delivered;)

I also watched the new Munsters on NBC. (I believe it is called Mockingbird Lane) Did anyone else watch it?

Gotta say, I was disappointed.

I loved The Munsters when I was a kiddo. It was just the right amount of monster, with tons of camp thrown in. I remember watching it all the time.

This version was way too much gore. I don't remember The Munsters killing people, sucking their blood, and transplanting their heart. There was even talk of eating ones young. What the heck NBC?!? This is not prime time for kids stuff here.

Is this just the wimp coming out??? Seemed really gory.

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